Pillows For Tension Headaches

What Are The Best Pillows For Tension Headaches?

Do you suffer from frequent tension headaches? The source of your pain might stem from more than just stress. Some people even wake up with a headache because their pillow is uncomfortable. Is your pillow contributing to your headaches?

pillows for tension headaches

There are some very good pillows for tension headaches. They allow you to sleep with your head and neck in a comfortable and relaxed position so your muscles will not tense up and cause you pain. The right pillow for you really depends upon your own preferences.

Memory Foam Pillows

Memory foam is one popular material for headaches that can help people sleep in a natural and relaxed position. This foam gently gives under the weight of your head, but springs back to its original shape and firmness. That is very different most pillows that end to get flat after a few uses.

Specially Shaped Pillows

Some of these pillows are shaped like traditional pillows, but others have a “U” shape to keep your head at a good angle and your neck well supported. A lot of head pain actually originates because of neck tension. Some people prefer these differently shaped pillows, but others prefer pillows that are shaped like normal ones.

Ice Pillows

You can even find pillows that have a compartments for an ice pack. Some tension pain is caused by inflamed muscles. Ice tends to numb your muscles and also cause your muscles to contract. This can help increase your blood flow. This special compartment allows you to insert ice, but not worry about it melting all over the place in case you fall asleep.

Hot And Cold Pillows

One other type of pillows for tension headaches can actually be heated or cooled. In order to cool the pillow off, you simply put it in the freezer for a few hours. You can put them in the microwave for a couple of minutes to warm them up. Can you imagine the luxury of having a cold or a hot pillow when you have a headache? Why wake up in pain? If you already have a headache, why not get some real relief. You can choose some of the best pillows for tension headaches. They can help relieve your pain and prevent it in the future. These pillows might also be useful for people with other types of head pain. These include sprains, stiff necks, injuries, and pinched nerves. Do yourself a favor and look into pillows for tension headaches today.
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