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Travel Pillows Are A Great Solution For Neck Pain Relief When Away From Home

There are different types of travel pillows that you should consider to help maintain the benefits of neck pillows by easing sore muscles and maintaining good posture when traveling.

U shape pillows are very popular for relief on the road as well as lounging at home. This ergonomic u-shaped design is perfect for cradling the head, neck and shoulders. There are memory foam and fiber based types. There are traveling pillows used for safety as well as comfort. Some protect from injury like the infant support and the car seat head support. Once you have reached your destination, smaller sized sleeping pillows can make your morning better and less painful.

1) Pillows with a horseshoe or U shape are mainly designed for use in a vehicle to help support the head and neck while traveling. These pillows are supportive and can make traveling easier on your neck. These travel pillows can also be used at home for reading, watching TV or reclining. Not just for travel or sitting, many of these pillows can be used laying down on your back. They usually consist of lobes around a half circle and they are used with the lobes facing down around your shoulders, however, you can experiment with the lobes facing up to find the perfect support.

2) Some of these pillows are more like the car neck pillow helps support the head for the driver or passenger of a car or truck and can prevent driving fatigue which increases awareness, alleviates neck pain and helps to protect your neck. These are great pillows/supports because they can increase safety when traveling in a vehicle.

3) There are pillows that are used for sleeping once you have arrived at your destination or for sleeping overnight. Like our neck pillows, they are designed to maintain normal neck posture while sleeping or resting. Our travel sleeping pillows are compact sizes of full size neck pillows specifically designed to travel with. The smaller size maintains the benefit derived from the full size pillow in a functional design while being lighter and easier to store for traveling. Not all full size pillows are available in travel sizes, however, there is enough variety to suit both back and side sleepers in comfort.

Benefits Of Travel Pillows

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There is a variety of pillows to suit your needs. Keeping your head and neck supported while traveling, improving comfort, safety and getting a good nights sleep. They can help to make your traveling experience less stressful and less painful.

A 2018 review in Musculoskelet Science & Practice indicates neck pain affects over 15% of the U.S general population every 3 months, and ranks fourth in global disability. It is important to address early before it becomes a chronic issue. While they list factors like neck extensor endurance as important, many factors are associated with psychosocial issues like stress. These pillows can help with his anywhere you go.

For more pain relief and comfort while traveling, please see our back support pillows and for continued therapy while you travel check out our neck traction devices that are easy to travel with and provide continued therapy away from home.

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