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The Sky Rest Travel Pillow is makes it comfortable to sleep on an airplane, car or chair.

SkyRest can be used in ANY seat as well as many other situations and positions to help ease your pain while traveling. Works for individuals from 4′ 10″ to 6′ 6″. 14″ wide, 12″ deep, 11″ high in front.

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Sky Rest Travel Pillow Provides Unique Support

Unlike any other travel pillow! Because it’s inflatable, it is easy to pack and carry on board. No need to worry about inflation or deflation either. Sky Rest Travel Pillow has a removable one-way valve that allows quick inflation and deflation. The world’s first travel pillow designed for use in any kind of seat.

Can be used anywhere. However, the primary intended use for it is while sitting in a commercial airline seat. Its patented design is one of the first to use the natural tendency of your head to tilt forward to help you get comfortable rather than just wake you up when your head falls forward!

It has shown its own matters for being an exceptionally functional travel accomplice. As opposed to the majority of travel pillows, that can only be used to support the neck If you’re able to recline and your chair features a sufficient height back, the inflatable pillow can be utilized in almost any seat in addition to various additional circumstances and postures to help relieve pain while traveling.

It is no surprise it has gained the identity of the planets most comfortable as well as multipurpose travel pillow

When blowing up, start with the inflating valve unscrewed. Pull out the edges. It’s now about 80 percent filled with air. With no modifying the form, put in in the inflating valve and finish blowing up.

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Skyrest Travel Pillow Details

Weighs in at only one lb. It is 14 inches wide by 13 inches deep as well as 17 inches high in the back portion. It inclines down to 12 inches in height in the front part. When packed in the manufacturing facility it’s flattened right into a package approximately 6 inches by 9 inches by 3 inches, however, you can easily collapse it in whatever way you want to fit inside your carry on.

You are able to clean it manually or simply sponge or use a damp cloth to clean. Make sure you hold off inflation until you get to cruising elevation, or else the airplane pillow may expand in dimensions. Should you adhere to this process you’ll be able to reduce how much inflating you must do.

It is really very helpful on long air flights. Supports the neck as well as upper back for routine airplane travelers. You can snooze in-flight without experiencing neck stiffness upon landing.

The design permits the back to stretch out as well as your neck to be supported while asleep. Being able to wrap your arms across the inflatable pillow additionally expands the shoulders. Arrive a lot more rested compared to what you will experience with other travel pillows.

If you can’t remain sitting in the same posture for a long airline flight, this is certainly one of the ways to remain seated comfortably and you can change the pressure points on the back and pelvis by leaning forward as well as allowing the back to remain straight.

It is definitely not like any pillow you’ve ever experienced! Most of us have have been trying to relax with unpleasant airplane seating, hoping somebody might develop a pillow that will allow it to be comfortable to sleep. This kind of inflatable pillow is simple to pack and also carry on any type of plane. The one way valve allows for easy and quick inflating as well as deflation. The amazing design is the first of its kind to produce a comfy sleep posture while on an airplane. It works best for people from 4 foot 10 inches to 6 foot 6 inches.

The sky rest pillow travel pillow branded style and design is among the very first to utilize the all-natural propensity of your head to lean forward to help you sleep while in comfort instead of simply waking you whenever your head drops forwards. With Sky Rest travel pillow you need your head to lean forward in order to lie down on the comfortable top and obtain relaxation. This is the 1st pillow which creates a genuinely comforting sleep posture when sitting on an airplane. Since it is inflatable, it is simple to bring along anywhere.

Instead of depending on the opportunity to recline back in the chair as with most travel pillows, it recognizes that this may not be always easily attainable. Although you may have the ability to recline, the incline might be too small to enable sleeping without having your head sliding forward along with awakening. With Sky Rest, an individual leans frontward instead of backwards to rest the head. It does not need any kind of specific arrangement of the chair. Regardless if the chair tilts back, just how tall the seat back is or even if you have any type of headrest. It may also be situated in a number of ways and also utilized as being a table top or even desk top pillow for short naps to be able to increase your productiveness.

Since it is an inflatable device and designed to inflate as well as deflate very quickly, it may be stored in your carry-on suitcase and filled with air once you are in your chair. It is quite light-weight and may easily be shifted about with regard to passenger activity.

The Sky Rest Travel Pillow allows you to get endless hours of relaxation with regards to your air flights, train or vehicle travels as well as on extended stop-overs between flights!

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