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Car Neck Pillow made of high density memory foam with balanced support and comfort absorbs the pressure on your neck caused when driving for long hours, relieving neck pain and muscle tension.

Adjustable elastic straps and machine-washable cover

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A Car Neck Pillow Fills The Gap In The Headrest To Provide More Comfort While Driving

Auto headrests have been improving over the years based to data that shows reduced neck injury during a rear end collision. Most newer model cares have advanced headrests that better provide protection than older models. The car neck pillow provides a solution for newer headrests that leave a gap for the cervical spine.

As you can see, the newer headrests angle forward. This is to keep the distance between the head and the headrest to a minimum, which reduces impact forces. However, the price of protection is that the neck is left without any support. This can make long trips and even driving to work everyday a pain in the neck.

Fortunately, this ergonomic pillow can help fill this gap with luxurious memory foam and give your neck support. This can help not only with comfort, but can offer better ergonomic posture while driving or a passenger. Eventually, manufacturers may come up with a design that better addresses the lack of neck support while maintaining the whiplash protection. For now, you can find a variety of these pillows to accommodate your vehicle.

Car Neck Pillow Notes:

This pillow is very popular and most use a memory foam base. Some of the cloth types are just not thick enough. However, memory foam is very comfortable and will mold to your particular shapes and curves, but you must remember memory foam is reactive to temperature.

Therefore, it may harden during very cold weather. It will adjust as your car warms up, but you should make sure it has had a chance to warm up in order to avoid any possible injury. The last thing you want is a rear end collision with a hard pillow behind your neck. This can increase the chance of a neck injury.

car neck pillowSo, some will think it is no big deal, however, it is something to consider, along with making sure your neck does not get chilled when it is very cold. Nonetheless, most find this to be a great solutions and it can greatly increase comfort by supporting the neck.

The car neck pillow can help to reduce fatigue from sore neck muscles and help improve postural integrity for long commutes. It attaches around the posts of an adjustable headrest and buckles securely. It can be adjusted for the best fit, along with making sure your headrest is adjusted to accommodate the new support.

With gaming chairs so popular and they are usually designed like real car seats, so this is a pillow that can work to help while playing video games. The adjustable straps allows great fit and adjustment and the memory foam is very comfortable. Great for serious gamers who spend a lot of time playing videos. Even for other chairs with a high back design for office/computer work.

The cover is machine washable and the memory foam is very comforting. After adapting to your neck, it should not interfere with the function of the headrest and it has very adjustable secure attachments and should be a nice solution for new style vehicle headrests.

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