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Swedish Pillow With Orthopedic Design & Engineered In Sweden Uses Soft Memory Foam Specifically Designed For Special Neck Support In Side & Back Sleeping.

Featuring Sissel’s proven unique edge design, the visco-elastic foam adjusts slowly to any shape.

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A Swedish Pillow With Proven Orthopedic Design & Quality Materials

The Swedish Pillow is an incredibly luxurious orthopedic neck pillow that uses high quality memory foam with increased isolated pressure distribution, providing a great pillow for those with sensitive neck conditions.

The Child Pillow is from 4 to 7 years. It measures 14.5 x 10 x 2.5 at the low (head) portion and 3.5 at the neck portion, in inches. It comes with a colorfully designed pillowcase in baby blue with animals or clowns. The cover is not zippered, however, it is open in the back and removable for washing. The Adult Pillow comes with a plush, removable, zippered pillow case and measures: 18.5 x 13 x 3.5 low height and 5.5 inches high at the neck portion, while the plus version has a removable pad for adjustments from 4.3 to 5.5 for the neck portion. The Deluxe is 24 inches wide, with a satin cover and adjustable height pad.

The Swedish pillow is designed and engineered pillow is very soft and exceptionally smooth. It provides the benefits afforded by a well proven design and style that is orthopedically shaped. Because of the superior viscoelastic memory foam properties, it offers both better isolating pressure distribution and correction intensity for comfort and support.

A neck pillow featuring great, gentle support to the cervical spine. An angled shoulder portion results in the neck and shoulder regions being comfortable and well supported. The angled shoulder feature allows the superior quality memory foam to glide between the neck and shoulders, comfortably filling the space to relax neck and shoulder muscles, while maintaining the neck and upper back in a good anatomical posture to reduce stress and tension, leading to a better night’s sleep as well as alleviating neck and shoulder muscle pain.

Swedish pillow

The specially designed cervical pillow produces a mild stretch of the neck and spinal column. This can make first sleeping on the pillow feel a bit different, but you should need a short period of adjustment, perhaps a few nights to a week or maybe 2 to get used to it, especially if you have been sleeping with poorly designed or old pillows. Once you are adjusted to it, you will be pleased with the healthy and more natural sleep. Because there is an adjustment period with any new pillow, it is recommended that you use the it for a short period of time each night for a few nights. This helps the gradual adjustment and avoids trying to get used to it all in one night, which could lead to you possible giving up after just a couple of nights.

Swedish pillow deluxe

It is really an investment in your health and it is important to be able to transition to a new, healthy sleeping posture as easy as possible. There are some that can do this right away, feeling a big difference with relief of muscle soreness and waking stiffness, however, most will require an adjustment period. It is somewhat straight forward; many people sleep with old, non-supportive pillows, or us a couple of pillows piled up to sleep. This places a great deal of stress on the neck, but from years of use, it becomes a habit. Once you have become used to it, you will find it difficult to sleep without it.

Child Pillow

Swedish pillow for children

Remember, these are very soft and luxurious pillows. The memory foam is very special, really comforting and conforming to the individual consisting of foam which has delayed elasticity to aid in a tension-free sleep. The combination of the soothing memory foam and the special orthopedic design makes this a very good pillow and justifies the expense. The quality materials means it is a very durable pillow and will last for many years.

The Child Pillow is for children from 4 to seven years of age and is free of fluorohydrocarbons and toxproof allergy tested. Your child will not take long to get used to the pillow and will help ease stress forces on the child’s spine during the time of greatest growth.

Swedish Pillow Benefits

Because the foam is so carefully manufactured, the softness provides a comfortable feel, while the foam easily conforms to the head and neck, The orthopedic design uses an angled neck portion which offers superior support for the neck in back and side sleeping position, and it also eases tension on the shoulder in side sleeping. This combines to provide optimal positioning and relaxation for the muscles of the neck and upper back as well as being comforting for those who have tmj problems or sensitive jaws. It is comfortable in the back sleeping position too.

side sleeping

The Swedish pillow has important support for the lower cervical spine. Consequently your whole shoulder as well as neck area is sufficiently supported. Because of its distinctive slope, this pillow comfortably supports in between neck and cervical spinal column, filling the area, which carefully brings the spine in to the structurally appropriate posture. The special neck support side assures excellent support of one’s shoulder while in a side posture, therefore minimizing spinal pressures, making it a great side sleeping pillow, while maintaining all the orthopedic benefits in the back sleeping posture as well.

The Plus & Deluxe Swedish pillows provide the same quality soft and quality memory foam and design, wit the added benefit of a removable pad. Removing the pad allows for height adjustment, so it can be about an inch lower then the standard adult. This is particularly useful for women or small adults that can benefit from a lower height adjustment. It is the most versatile Swedish memory foam pillow.

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