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Side Sleeper Pillow With Soft Memory Foam And Unique Angle With Cutout Provides Perfect Posture Comfortably Reducing Neck & Shoulder Pain & TMJ Symptoms. Good For Short Periods Of Back Sleeping AS Well.

Measures 24″ x 12″ & available in 3 heights: 5'4″ Or Shorter Use Small (3″), 5'5″ – 5'10″ Use Medium (4″), 5'10″ Or Taller Use Large (5″). This Is A General Guide. With Particularly Broad Shoulders, Consider Going Up A Size.

Side Sleeper Pillow Reduces Head, Neck & Jaw Tension While Allowing You To Sleep On Your Side

Most people sleep in the side posture. Not only is side sleeping the most popular position, as we age, it becomes more prevalent and we spend about 95 percent of sleeping in the side posture. Ergonomically designed for comfort and posture, the side sleeper pillow is uses a soft, yet supportive memory foam that is conforming to your particular anatomy soothing your head, neck and shoulders all night long.

This is a side sleeping pillow and is only recommended for those who only sleep on their back for short periods. The pillow has dimensions of 24 inches long by 12 inches tall and is available in 3 different heights to accommodate a custom fit. If you are 5’4″ or shorter use the 3 inch height. For 5’5″ – 5’10” use the 4″ height and for 5’10” or taller use the 5″ height pillow. Also consider your shoulder width; with particularly broad shoulders, you should consider going up a size.

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Side sleeping can pose some problems: 1) It can place torsion or twisting into the lower back – solution: The Body Pillow, 2) Many pillows, when too firm, can place stress on the jaw which can aggravate TMJ Pain, and a pillow that is too soft can obstruct breathing – solution: the Side Sleeper Pillow!

A very unique pillow with an orthopedic design provides an anatomically correct side sleeper pillow for healthy, aligned posture offering a comfortable sleeping experience using high quality, space age memory foam for comfort and producing optimum support for your head, neck, as well as shoulders.

The pillow utilizes an innovative shape and design with facial as well as shoulder contours which function to alleviate head, neck pain, jaw tension, loud snoring and sleeping difficulty. The memory foam is sensitive to temperature and conforming to your body. The side sleeping pillow is covered in a hypo-allergenic and machine washable velour cotton.

Features Of The Side Sleeper Pillow

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The side sleeping pillow employs 3 orthopedic advantages, distinguishing it apart from other pillows. 1) A facial contour cut-out reduces pressure-points, comforting both the jaw (TMJ) as well as ear, producing and increase in blood circulation for the face. This helps alleviate face wrinkling and sagging, leaving you feeling more refreshed and improving appearance.

2) An airway cut-out provides a circulatory system to improve the flow of air which can improve breathing as well as help with load snoring problems.

3) There is a contour of 12 degrees which produces better alignment between the neck and shoulder, also helping to utilize improved head posture for side sleeping.

The anatomically designed shoulder contour reduces pressure from the body placed on the shoulder and helps to improve blood circulation in the arms. This can reduce the chances of waking with a stiff neck or tingling/numbness in the hands.

Side Sleeper Pillow With Memory Foam

memory foam side sleeper pillowUsing space age memory foam developed by the NASA program to provide pressure relief, the Side Sleeper with produce a customized fit using your personal anatomic features to mold the foam according to temperature sensitivity as well as your specific weight to further comfort your head, neck and shoulders.

The side sleeper is comfortable, yet still supporting, using space-age memory foam that quickly adjusts and also contours to the head, neck and shoulders by means of temperature as well as weight as your body stabilizes within the side sleeping position. Whenever equalization amongst bodyweight along with the suppleness associated with the foam is actually accomplished, your head along with head position is going to be ultimately in-line together with your vertebral column within the side sleeping posture.

For the travel size side sleeping pillow, see our travel version and you will never have to be without you new best friend when you are traveling for vacation or on a business trip.

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Side Sleeping Pillow Notes

The pillow might actually feel firmer in the event it has become subjected to colder or even dry atmospheric conditions. Similarly, it could feel softer in the event that it has become subjected to high temperature and also humid conditions. The side sleeper pillow will adapt to room temperature inside of twenty four hours. So, give the side sleeping pillow some time after you open it to set. This is due to the very sensitive memory foam used, which gives it its special properties to make it function best for side sleepers. Do not be alarmed if it is cold out and you open it and it feels too firm, it will soften.

In the event that a slight odor is noticed when you open your side sleeping pillow, do not be concerned, the odor is mild, harmless, and definitely will go away within just two weeks just after it is opened from the package. This is because the materials used are brand new. Most individuals will not even notice it.

Don’t let the pillow to become wet. Safeguard the pillow using an extra standard pillow case to prevent liquids from spilling on it. In the event your side sleeping pillow becomes wet, quickly grab a dry cloth to take out wetness then allow it to dry out in the air at room temperature. The side sleeping pillow doesn’t need cleaning.

If you remove the pillow cover, the foam may feel somewhat sticky. This is normal because the side sleeper pillow is a molded pillow, which form a type of skin on it. This helps it maintain a slower rate of recovery, giving the pillow a smooth and relaxing function.

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