Inflatable Pillow


The Inflatable Pillow Uses Reactive Air Cell Technology & Custom Support For The Perfect Neck Pillow.

You Control The Pillow Height, Firmness & Shape. Two Zones Allows Control Of The Neck Portion Separate From The Head.

Dual or single vale options are similar in function to water pillow without the set-up mess and heavy weight.

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Inflatable Pillow Eliminates Uncomfortable Pressure Points That Disrupt Blood Flow And Lead To Improper Neck Support

The Inflatable Pillow has air cells and dual action for unprecedented control, support and comfort. The latest technology in neck support pillows is here and is rapidly becoming a first choice in pillows for the relief of neck pain and the most comfort while sleeping.

Sizes: Standard (19″ x 14″) or Queen (25″ x 14″), Number of Valves: Single (1 zone) or Dual (2 zones). The pillow has easy twist-to-open valves to allow for an adjustable, customized fit. Hand Pump Included. The pillow inflates to 4 inches in height, 5 inches is possible, but it is not recommended to inflate it to this point. The higher the inflation, the less reactive.

Zippered covers are machine washable. The Chiro version uses a single side, soft polyester cover and the Classic uses a soft, double side, cotton stretch velour cover.

The inflatable pillow comes in a dual valve with two zones of adjustability that allows you to independently adjust the neck support from the overall comfort support. Zone One gently conforms to the head while Zone Two gives you complete control of neck support. The single valve model allows you to adjust the entire pillow at once. Uses the weight of the head to displace air for neck support. The 1 zone pillow is great for side, back and stomach sleepers. The 2 zone pillow provides an extra measure of control for the cervical spine and is great for back and side sleepers.

inflatable pillow

Utilizing patented air cell technology, the pillow reduces pressure points and helps maintain blood flow and proper neck alignment. It is reactive like a water pillow to changing positions, but without the heavy weight and mess. The air cells are vinyl and very durable. This reactivity to positional change allows the features of a functional pillow, while remaining in one position regardless of the single or dual valve option.

Personalized control allows an inflatable level of firmness and support that is fully adjustable. You can customize the neck pillow to your personal preference and adjust the contour zones with a simple twist of the valve. The dual valve control provides a more precise neck support to help in relief of muscle and neck tension that causes pain and a poor night’s sleep. The dual version permits precise head and neck relationship, vital to correction of neck curve over time and in stages.

two zone inflatable pillow

Individual cells adapt to any size or shape and are clinically proven to maintain blood flow for better skin health and less tossing and turning. With it’s lightweight design, it can be easily deflated for use as a travel pillow. You can simply roll up the inflatable neck pillow and pack it on trips to make sure you always have a great night’s sleep.

The inflatable pillow technology adjusts automatically as your sleeping posture changes.

Individual air cell technology gives you the control to independently adjust support cells from the overall comfort cell zones. Zone (1) gently conforms to the head while Zone (2) gives you complete control of neck support and can be altered as your neck requires more support for posture improvement or for altering the height in relation to back or side sleeping positions.

It even helps in reducing snoring while sleeping on your back as the first row supports the neck and tilts the head back which helps open the air way to a level that you control.

Where pressure is equal, the soft tissues are not deformed and there is no discomfort due to the lack of blood flow. Effective pressure relieving surfaces offer force equalization where pressure is more equally distributed and soft tissues and blood vessels are less compressed so there is more oxygen provided to the cells and discomfort is minimized

inflatable pillow side sleeping

The inflatable pillow diminishes peak pressures allowing proper blood flow and restful sleep.

Every person is unique and since you can adjust the pillow’s firmness, height and shape (with the 2 zone), you can provide the exact combination of support and comfort that you need. Give it some time to get it set up just right and you will have a pillow that is comfortable, supportive and can be changed with your changing neck condition needs. The great features add up for an incredible pillow that gives your head and neck the proper posture for the sleep that you need in any recommended position.

Benefits: Both Single & Dual Valve

  • Individual air cells that move independently allowing each cell to twist, turn, bend, move up and down, and adapt precisely to your contours.
  • Forces and pressures pushing on your head and neck are kept equal at all contact points for greater contact area to minimize pressure.
  • Non-friction surface of the cells combined with the independent movement of each cell greatly reduces friction and shear for increased comfort and reduced pain.

A Great Pinched Nerve Pillow

When fine-tuning the 2 zone inflatable pillow: Filling up the front row of air cells (the row for your neck) to a more inflated degree than the back or head support rows will give you more firm neck support. For those who prefer side sleeping, it can be used to raise or lower the neck portion on one side to provide relief for a pinched nerve or herniated disc that is eased with an antalgic posture or one that the pain is relieved with the head tilted to one side more than the other.

How To Adjust The Inflatable Pillow

adjusting pillow

The best way to decide the correct inflation degree for the neck pillow would be to feel the entire inflation spectrum.
1. Unzip the cover and look for the valve situated on the air bladder.
2. Turn the valve counter clockwise and set the hand pump’s hose pipe on top of it. (Don’t take out the bladder from your pillow.)
3. Using the pump, pump fresh air into the right up until it just gets firm.
4. Remove the pump and shut the valve simply by turning it clockwise.
5. With your head lying on the pillow, open up the valve to discharge air. While air is discharged, your head will gradually sink into the inflatable neck pillow. Discharge air up until the pillow is nearly deflated. At this point you are aware of the inflation range of your inflatable pillow.
6. Re-inflate the pillow and discharge the air once more to your preferred comfort level. We recommend that you fine-tune the inflation level to your preference before utilizing it.

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