Chiropractor Recommended Pillows

Examining Different Chiropractor Recommended Pillows
Chiropractor Recommended Pillows

If you have neck pain or stiffness, then sleeping can become somewhat problematic if you do not have the right pillow. It is very important to get just the right amount of support for your neck while a pillow is still soft enough for a comfortable sleep. There are a wide variety of chiropractor recommended pillows which can help someone with neck troubles get a better sleep at night.

One of the most popular chiropractor recommended pillows is a memory foam design like the Posture Med Pillow. These adjust to provide a variable amount of give based on a person’s body heat and are designed in a very ergonomic position. These also have the advantage of providing just the right temperature to the neck on hot or cold nights.

Posture Med Pillow

Water filled and inflatable pillows provide the similar benefit of variable give in response to the neck. A water filled pillow will adjust as the water flows within the pillow to cushion your head at the best positions. An inflatable pillow works on the same principle using multiple zones of compressed air. One advantage of this pillow is that it is light since air is much less dense than water. It is also very easy to adjust the amount of air in each zone so that you obtain the most comfortable position possible.

There are also pillows customized to accommodate different sleeping positions for people with severe neck pain. For example, they will allow for more neck support when in the side position given a greater clearance under the neck. One will need to be careful with some of these pillows if one tosses and turns unconsciously during the night, since you do not want to be sleeping on your side if that portion of the pillow was designed for the back.
chiropractor recommended pillow

If you are having issues sleeping due to neck problems, consider trying one of the many chiropractor recommended pillows mentioned above. You will likely get a much better night’s sleep if you are not experiencing neck discomfort.

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