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Pronex Neck Traction Is The Only Traction Device That Creates An Even Distraction In The Front And Back Discs While Supporting Neck Posture

Includes a lightweight carrying case, headstrap, flexion wedge, instructional DVD and Operation Manual. Available in 3 different sizes: REGULAR – Up to 16 inches (Fits most women of typical height, weight and neck size) | LARGE – 17 to 18 inches (Fits most men of typical height, weight and neck size) | WIDE – 18 inches and wider (Fits individuals with large shoulders and neck, or a short neck)

pronex neck traction

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Pronex Neck Traction Is The Only Traction Device That Creates An Even Distraction In The Front And Back Discs While Supporting Neck Posture

The Pronex Neck Traction comfortably supports your neck and head on 2 foam cushions. One of the cushions cradles the head, while the other supports your upper back. The inflation system sits inbetween the cushions, supplying over 20 pounds of neck traction that you control. When the unit inflates, it raises your head, lifting it up from the shoulders while providing necessary support to maintain the correct anatomical contour of the neck while providing balanced traction for disc benefits.

Includes a lightweight carrying case, headstrap, flexion wedge, instructional DVD and Operation Manual. Available in 3 different sizes:

  • REGULAR – Up to 16 inches (Fits most women of typical height, weight and neck size)
  • LARGE – 17 to 18 inches (Fits most men of typical height, weight and neck size)
  • WIDE – 18 inches and wider (Fits individuals with large shoulders and neck, or a short neck)

You have total control over the amount of traction applied with pro necks. Squeezing an inflator bulb increases the pressure, a release knob gently reduces it. There’s no strain on the jaw or temporomandibular joint to cause TMJ/Jaw pain.

pronex neck traction

Neck traction, in one form or another, is a major component of conservative management for neck problems and is generally successful. The major goals of traction include: Relief of pain, decreased pressure on nerves, improved movement of muscles, joints and ligaments as indicated in pain free range of motion and reduction in painful, protective muscle spasms.

Benefits: Pain or stiffness when moving neck, Numbness in hand(s) or arm(s), Tingling in hand(s) or arms(s), Weakness in hand(s) or arms(s), Pain or numbness in shoulders, Pain between shoulders and Muscle spasms in neck or shoulders

pronexThe Pronex Neck Traction is a device that is intended for the person who is independent, capable of using good judgment, and who needs fast results when their symptoms get worse. It is highly portable, easily used and often very effective in almost immediate reduction in muscle tension related discomfort.

Using appropriate breathing patterns while doing cervical traction has been highly effective in helping achieve success with this device. We suggest the use of the melt technique: visualize actually melting as you exhale. This method has been most effective in communicating the kind of relaxation you should strive for with use of the Pronex Cervical Traction.

During the initial phases, you should restrict use of the device to only mild or moderate levels of traction. While working the muscles in a short range, they can more readily learn the concept of melt or relaxation while eliminating risk of worsening symptoms.

The Pronex Neck Traction is very beneficial for people with a variety of neck conditions. Especially significant is the apparent success experienced using this device with those exhibiting chronic neck pain.

In a study with postural neck pain (head forward), myofascial syndrome, muscle pain/strain and greater occipital neuritis: 71% responded with excellent results and 29% responded with good results using the Pronex Neck Traction.

Another study with degenerative joint disease, cervical spondylosis and facet joint syndrome : 43% responded with excellent results, 39% responded with good results, 17% had poor results using the Pronex.

Another study with study with cervical nerve root compression, (radiculitis, radiculopathy), disc herniation (confirmed by MRI/EMG): 50% responded with excellent results, 28% responded with good results and 22% had poor results.

The application of cervical traction serves to stretch the muscles, ligaments, and joints of the neck, separating the joints, opening the space for the nerves to relieve pressure. Relief from muscular spasm, nerve irritation, degenerative arthritis and or joint dysfunction are some of the conditions which respond to traction therapy. Individuals having excessive mobility or an unstable neck condition may experience an increase of symptoms. For example, whiplash, a severe acceleration-deceleration cervical injury, may result in ligamentous instability which is aggravated by traction.

You should not use this device with: Severe rheumatoid arthritis, infections and inflammatory disease, fractures, extruded disc fragmentations, spreading and/or aggravation of symptoms, serious pathology or disease, malignancy, and spinal cord compression.

Pro Nex Maintains the natural curve of the cervical spine during treatment. Foam ridge supports the head for maximum comfort and even stretch. Bulb-inflator allows gentle and appropriate amount of force for each treatment. Promotes awareness of daily conditions and limitations. No restraints or harness systems. Will not aggravate the temporomandibular joint (TMJ). Reduces set-up time and the associated complications of over-the-door traction such as leakage. No assembly. Lightweight, portable, and can still produce up to 20 lbs. of force. Convenient system promotes return to work and other previous lifestyle activities.

Important: Traction should never cause pain. A stretching sensation or some slight discomfort may be felt during treatment. If pain is increased in the neck, back, arms or legs, or if you experience dizziness, nausea or any other type of pain or discomfort during or after treatment, discontinue use immediately and consult your health care provider before further use.

Pronex Traction Instructions

pro nex

1) Put Pronex Neck Traction a level, firm floor for you to lie down in a relaxed manner on the back having your legs bent at the knees and feet flat on the floor. You can use pillows or a leg wedge underneath your knees. This position allows for relaxation of the muscles and permits a better neck traction experience.

instruction 1

2) While you lay down, gradually lower your neck until finally it’s cradled within the contour of the head portion. While doing so, carefully spread out the edges of the Pronex Device a little apart in order to avoid any pinching of the ears. The concave part of the device will need to rest onto your shoulders.

3) It is advisable to look at the breathing exercises – in order to relax and perform a few relaxed deep breaths, focusing on smooth breathing out. Give time for the neck muscles to unwind and relax in the concave contour in the head portion. This simple measure helps ensure the most efficient traction, keeping the device secure and comfortably into position.

instruction 2

4) Put the strap around your forehead, above your eye brows, fastening the strap Velcro on each side . Your head must be adequately secured. At this point you’re ready for the following step.

5) Keeping relaxed, press the pump till you start feeling a pleasant stretching out sensation within the neck. Discharge air simply by twisting the valve on the inflation bulb counterclockwise about 3/4 of a turn.

6) Then make sure the valve is closed and inflate the Pronex Neck Traction to a comfortable stretch, then releasing the pressure again. This allows you to be familiar with how the device works and feels.

pronex inflation bulb

7) Continue the process of inflation and deflation, adding a bit more force each time until you are at a level that provides the most comfort and relief.

8) Stay comfortable using full traction force for approximately ten minutes or for as recommended by your health care provider. During the entire treatment, keep , calm respiration, breathing out slowly and gradually. In the course of traction, discharge the force at least 2 times in the course of a ten minute period. Relax briefly and reinflate the pro neck traction till the treatment comes to an end.

9) As soon as your treatment is completed, discharge air slowly and gradually plus take off the strap. Lay there briefly while it completely deflates and relax, continuing to breathe deeply. Carefully raise your head, rotate to the side, gently pushing up to a sitting position.

10) Refrain from fast repeated movements for about thirty minutes following each procedure. Extreme motions like looking up and down, or turning the head right and left might elevate muscular tension or tightness. A sense of warmness as well as relaxation are typical following Pronex Neck Traction treatments.

pronex flexion wedge

Optional Procedure: In unique instances, health care professionals could recommend the neck and head to be somewhat raised in the course of supine traction. The Flexion Wedge was created to supply this by having an upwards tilt of fifteen and twenty two degrees. To make use of, the flexion wedge just place under the Pronex Neck Traction head piece as indicated in the example.

Tips For Efficient Traction

1) The main element for efficient traction should be to sustain even, comfortable inhaling and exhaling when increasing and decreasing pressure. The better you relax while in traction, the better pain relief you’ll experience.

2) Before traction, put aside eye glasses as well as take off any jewelry. Take hair out of the way therefore contact can be achieved right against the neck .

3) Regarding ease and comfort as well as the best results, it is essential that the correct size Pro Necks is selected. It’s offered in 3 sizing’s: Regular, Large and also Wide.

4) The Pronex Neck Traction head strap is designed to help first-time users keep their head and neck in place. After several traction sessions, many patients feel more secure in the cushion’s soft contours and no longer feel the need to use the strap.

5) If your ears feel somewhat uncomfortable, use a towel underneath your neck in order to raise the head and neck slightly to increase comfort.

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