Neck Relief Pillow


Neck Relief Pillow is a comfortable and adjustable neck support that relieves neck tension and supports the natural curve of the neck. With its natural shape stabilizes the head and keeps the spine always in neutral position.

It was originally designed to ease the stresses of travel, but is actually ideal for anyone looking for relief from neck pain, neck tension and stiffness of the neck and shoulders.

neck relief pillow

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Neck relief Pillow Adjusts To Helps Relieve Neck Stiffness, Muscle Fatigue, Tension Headaches, & Neck Spasms

Unique support for the cervical spine for travel or home use providing comfort and alignment of the natural, beneficial curve, the neck relief pillow is a versatile therapeutic device that is great for comfort, relief, and correction.

An ergonomic, contour design mildly stretches the cervical spine as the neck relaxes for relief of joint pressure and muscle tension. It comfortably cradles the neck and head while promoting the natural curve in a gentle manner, while the special built in bladder has a pump to customize the level of neck support.

Great as a travel pillow, but it is not just for traveling, you can use this while reclining anywhere, especially at home; but it is also great on the road where tension can build fast and go right to the neck and shoulders. The special pillow gives secure support, helping to prevent side to side rolling.

Neck Relief Pillow Details


  1. Cradle For Head Region
  2. Traction Neoprene Backing
  3. Inflation Pump Dome
  4. Valve For Air Release
  5. Breathable Stay Dry Mesh
  6. Support For Scapula
  7. Outside Cover
  8. Neck Support Area
  9. Side Support Area
  10. Comfortable Plush Fabric

neck pain relief

Using The Pillow

reclining pillow

Secure the pillow on the seat with the fabric facing your head and neck. Recline into the pillow and make sure you are centered. Adjust the pillow and your head and neck to the most comfortable position. Recommended reclining angles are between 25 and 45 degrees.

traction pillow

Pump up the bladder of the neck relief pillow all the way (about 25 pumps) then place the pillow on the floor, sofa or bed. Lay on the pillow with your head centered. Release the air to the point where it is most comfortable. Settle into the pillow as you relax. You may experience some initial discomfort, however, it should not increase the pain. Start at 5 minutes and increase gradually to 15 minutes maximum or as directed by your therapist or doctor. Consult your health care provider for pre-existing conditions.

fits like a glove

Measures 11.5 x 8.5 x 3.5″; thickness averages at 2.5″. weighs less than a pound.

Author Bio

Stephen Ornstein, D.C. has treated thousands of neck, shoulder and back conditions since graduating Sherman Chiropractic College in 1987 and during his involvement in Martial Arts. He holds certifications as a Peer Review Consultant from New York Chiropractic College, Physiological Therapeutics from National Chiropractic College, Modic Antibiotic Spinal Therapy from Dr. Hanne Albert, PT., MPH., Ph.D., Myofascial Release Techniques from Logan Chiropractic College, and learned Active Release Technique from the founder, P. Michael Leahy, DC, ART, CCSP.