Mechanical Neck Pain Summary

Mechanical Neck Pain Summary

Mechanical neck pain summary indicates it can be associated with many different disorders and the cause can be difficult to determine. Because of the presentation, it should involve a thorough examination to rule out any other conditions before treatment is initiated.

mechanical neck pain summaryThe most common causes is cervical strain, which is a soft tissue injury that may involve the disc, facet joints or muscles, ligaments and tendons. Most of these cases will resolve within 6 weeks and treatment does not include surgery.

For mechanical neck pain that does not respond to conservative treatment, cervical degenerative disc disease and/or facet joint irritation is the most common cause. Unless complicated by nerve or neurological involvement, treatment is generally conservative. Because it is difficult to identify a single reason for the pain, treatment and relief of pain has mixed and often unpredictable results.

Other possible causes are C4 radiculopathy which will often present with one sided symptoms with altered sensations like numbness or tingling in the area. Failed surgery resulting in pseudoarthrosis should be suspected with persistent symptoms despite previous surgical fusion.

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Rare vascular disorders may present with headache and neck pain. The symptoms are often severe, unrelenting and show dramatic changes in vital signs and should be considered if there is a severe, sudden onset of neck pain. Other pathological processes should be ruled out in anyone with very severe symptoms or red flags associated with them. You should know when to see your doctor for neck pain immediately

This mechanical neck pain summary offers a quick overlook of the most common type of neck pain. Just because it is the most common, does not mean it is the most simple or easy to fix. In fact, it can be a quite complicating and frustrating cause of chronic pain that eludes treatments.

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