Supports For Working Overhead

Supports For Working Overhead To Eliminate The Risk Of Neck Injuries

While most of us have a problem with forward leaning head posture, those that work overhead face different neck issues. There are not many supports for working overhead. Keeping the head up is a problem for those who work in construction, repair, and maintenance, where hours of looking up contracts the back of the neck muscles and jams the joints. This can lead to irritation of neck joints and early arthritic changes, causing pain, headaches and a constant battle with sore neck muscles and inflammation.

Many people are realizing that a major cause of neck injuries that cause pain and discomfort are attributed to extended periods with the neck not having the proper support and alignment. With the head weighing as much as a bowling ball, allowing it to hang forward causes many problems, including disc injuries.

With so much attention paid to computer related pain from forward head positioning, those in need of support in the opposite direction are often left with little options to help.

When working overhead, the small joints in the back of the neck get compressed causing facet joint pain that is similar to injuries sustained in many whiplash accidents. The extensor muscles of the neck become shortened and overworked, as the flexor muscles in front of the neck become over stretched.

Alterations in head posture associated with extension and compression additionally stress the ligaments and discs. This can lead to early degenerative changes, which narrow the space that nerves exit and can cause a pinched nerve.

New Supports For Working Overhead

supports for working overhead

Now, there are some wonderful innovative products that can help support the neck in extension (backward leaning). Companies are finding they can reduce work related neck injuries by employing some of the new ergonomic head support for those working overhead. The Neck Guard is constructed of high-grade materials to abide by strict OSHA ergonomic guidelines that ensures your neck stays comfortable and supported no matter what work related activities require your looking up for extended periods.

This type of support is also helpful for those who participate in work related activities requiring on to look up frequently, like rock climbing or even bird watching.

One of the leading causes of work-related injuries not in the mainstream thought of musculoskeletal problems is people having to work overhead. Consistently looking upwards to perform certain tasks can be very strenuous on the neck muscles causing pain, cramps, inflammation and many types of discomfort in the head, neck and shoulders. With this type of support product, workers can prevent over-extension while working above their heads, which significantly reduces a person’s risk of neck injury. With the neck muscles not having to support the workers’ head, there is no repetitive or sustained trauma to the neck!

This support is easy to use, making available adjustable straps, suspender clips and shoulder pads. This product is not only for those people consistently working overhead. It can be worn for many different activities and for a variety of different reasons. After all, your neck weighs approximately 10 pounds, and your neck could use the extra support when you’re in compromising positions.

Doctors have always found it increasingly difficult to find the right treatment for people that work overhead repetitively. Obviously, consistent attention must be paid, and that is why the proper solutions have been invented in the form of these supports.

Neck Solutions is your authorized dealer for one of the best supports for working overhead that can finally solve the dilemma people have had for years concerning proper support of the neck under different working conditions. The support not only increases safety and prevents injury, but promotes better morale among workers and also strengthens job performance, creating a win-win situation for both employers and employees.

What are some of the main fields in which this product is used? It can be implemented within the construction industry, manufacturing venues, health care, maintenance, recreational uses and much more.

These supports to prevent injury from overhead activities are extremely lightweight and not in any way cumbersome or annoying. In fact, it is quite the opposite, extremely refreshing with ergonomic support and proper attachments. It is the preventative solution that people have been searching out for quite some time. Don’t suffer the consequences any longer. There are now low-cost and highly-effective solutions!

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