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The infrared neck wrap uses new heating technology that is safer and more effective than traditional forms of hot packs and wraps. It uses a memory foam u shaped pillow with a plugin using a USB connection, which makes it safer than typical outlet plugin or microwave heat wraps.

Safe & Effective. 3 modes of temperature ranged from 100.4°F to 113°F. Connected to the port of computer, power bank, USB adapter, cars…

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Infrared Neck Wrap Provides Deep Penetrating Heat To Muscles, Joints & Discs Using Graphene Infrared Technology

The infrared neck wrap uses infrared heat therapy to produce a heating treatment that is safer and more effective than traditional forms of hot packs and wraps. It comes in a plugin model using a USB connection, which makes it safer than typical outlet plugin or microwave heat wraps.

You will find to be different than most other forms of heat because it uses infrared heating to provide deep penetration. It does not feel quite like these other forms and you should be familiar with infrared heat therapy. Basically, this infrared neck wrap penetrates up to 3 inches below the skin surface to reach structures that other forms of therapy cannot. It is safer because it uses less heat temperature to provide therapeutic benefits and uses low voltage for reduced risk of electromagnetic fields.

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The application is great in that it uses a u shaped memory foam pillow. This makes it very comfortable and keeps the heat directed better and in cleaner contact than with the wrap types. The wrap types, after testing, must be wrapped too tight to get good skin contact surface, or you must pull on it or place something behind the neck.

This is the method of heat therapy that I prefer for more serious conditions like chronic disc problems and neck joint issues. While it may not feel like the electrical moist heating pad, it provides a nice feeling of warmth, while the pillow is very comfortable. There is also the feeling that you are providing your neck with the best therapeutic form of heat therapy. This is beneficial for deeper structures like the joints, ligaments, tendons and discs, often involved in chronic neck pain and degenerative arthritis, where typical heat does not penetrate deep enough.

The infrared neck wrap offers concentrated deep heat therapy to the neck. The treatment has three settings, but I like the red (highest) and automatically shuts off after 60 minutes. However, with a simple press of a button, you can continue the infrared neck therapy for extended treatment. It measures 11.8 x 8.3 x 5.3 inches and weighs 1.46 pounds. Make sure you are familiar with infrared heat as therapy.

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Benefits Of The Infrared Neck Wrap

The standard wraps and hot packs for the neck heat the surface of the skin, while infrared waves can penetrate much deeper without overheating the skin, therefore, maximizing therapy directly where you need it. Deep heat is directed to the cervical spine. It should be used as such – targeted therapy to the cervical spine, and not generalized heat to the neck and shoulders.

Because this form of heat therapy is very efficient, lower temperatures can be used, minimizing risks of burns. There is no need to run back to a microwave oven to re-heat, no messy hot packs to heat and uses low voltage compared to a standard electric heating pad, so no harmful electromagnetic fields.

The infrared neck wrap is better at dilating blood vessels and increasing the flow of oxygen to painful and damaged tissues deep in the neck. It is great to relieve muscle spasms, loosen up stiff neck joints to increase flexibility and provides healing at the cellular level.

A 2014 study in the Journal of Alternative and Complementary Medicine indicates short term infrared therapy improves muscle stiffness in chronic myofascial neck pain patients.

Infrared lamps are often seen in chiropractic or physical therapy clinics because infrared can transform the energy of light produced by the sun to therapeutic heat which can stimulate the natural healing ability of the body. With this product, you can now use this great technology at home, the office and when traveling.

Is The Infrared Neck Wrap For Me?

If you like the feel of hot packs and enjoy the relaxing sensation of moist heat and do not have significant neck issues, stick with more conventional forms of heat applications like the moist heat wrap. The infrared neck wrap does not get as hot as these other methods and the heat is targeted and not produced throughout the area of the entire unit. So, you feel a very nice warming sensation, but it is not overwhelming and is great for those with sensitive skin or those who do not like very hot treatments on their neck. In my opinion, this is the most effective form of heat therapy for the neck and it is the one I use. The effects last longer and the heat penetrates deeper to sooth sensitive nerves, muscles and ease stiff joints. I like to use this heat for 30 or 60 minutes and then do a nice light massage. This is the best one I have tested for effectiveness, comfort and ease of use. Combining the heat with the pillow is a great idea and promotes better contact and relaxation.

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Infrared Neck Wrap Instructions

The pad is easy to use, plug the one end into the pillow, then the USB into a computer or battery pack. Wrap around your neck and fasten buttons in front. Turn it on using the push button control; low, medium or high (100.4 – 113°F.). Press the power button and hold to turn off. It’s really that simple. The unit may tie you down a bit, but can be used in the port of computer, power bank, USB adapter, cars… I really don’t mind considering the effects, it’s worth it and it keeps the cost very affordable.

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Dr. Steve has treated thousands of neck, shoulder and back conditions since graduating Chiropractic College in 1987 and during his involvement in Martial Arts. He holds certifications as a Peer Review Consultant, in Physiological Therapeutics, Modic Antibiotic Spinal Therapy, and specialized further in Myofascial Release Techniques. No longer in active practice, he authors articles for NeckSolutions and works with special products for ALS patients as well as other neuromuscular conditions.