Headmaster Collar

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The Headmaster Collar Offers Great Head Support & Comfort Providing Solutions For Drop Head Syndrome. Moldable By Hand For A Custom Fit. Pediatric Sizes From 6 Months. The Support Of Choice For ALS, Parkinson’s, Advanced Arthritis, Radiation Fibrosis Syndrome & Other Neuromuscular Conditions.

All Collars Are New & Latex Free. Authorized U.S. Distributor

Comes with collar, neck strap and chin pad. A professional is required to both measure & custom fit the collar. Between sizes? Choose smaller size. Not returnable once opened.

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Accessories: Anterior Support | Neck Pad | Extension Pads | Neck Straps | Chin Pads

Innovative Headmaster Collar Provides Excellent All Around Head Support

A great collar for MS, Arthritis, a headmaster collar for ALS (Lou Gehrig’s Disease), Motorneuron Disease and Head Support. This cervical collar offers firm head support and is great for head control. Each headmaster collar is hand made from high quality new materials without latex and comes complete with collar, neck strap and chin pad with free signature service shipping.

If you suffer from ALS, MS, degenerative disc disease, cervical spondylosis, rheumatoid arthritis, neck muscle degeneration, neck strain and other conditions like radiation fibrosis syndrome which need proper neck and head support then look no further.

The Headmaster Collar was designed specifically for ALS (Lou Gehrig’s Disease), MS and Arthritis patients to provide safe and comfortable head support. The headmaster cervical collar provides the best neck support for these types of head control conditions, especially dropped head syndrome.

Offering firm support and superior head support and control. This specially designed cervical collar is surrounded in a comforting and soft on the skin fabric which is washable and is readily shaped using just your hands for a custom fit. The headmaster collar support employs excellent assistance and control with an open design that is cooling and hardly noticeable to wear. Bend manually for custom fit. Soft rear strap with velcro closure.

Choosing Size

Sizing: See chart. If measurements fall between sizes, choose smaller size. Measure front center of chin to angle of mandible in a straight line, just below the ear.

The head support must fit properly as shown below, please use the following instructions when determining the correct size.

measuring for the headmaster collar


Take a measurement with a ruler or tape measure from the center part of the outside of the chin, in a straight line to the corner or where the jaw angles about an inch below the ear. Measure under the jaw and not around or the outside – refer to the picture below.

Choose the size collar which most closely matches the measurement. If the measurement falls between two size collars, select the smaller size. Most average women use a small and most average men use a medium. This is general and not a substitute for proper measurement by a health care professional; usually an Occupational Therapist, your Doctor or a good Physical Therapist/Chiropractor.

measuring details
Infant 2.5″ 6.5cm
Child 3″ 7.5cm
Junior 3.5″ 9cm
Small 4″ 10cm
Medium 4.5″ 11.5cm
Large 5″ 13cm

Headmaster Cervical Collar Features

headmaster collar colors
  • Helps maintain proper neck alignment for those with a weak neck or limited neck mobility.
  • Ideal for ALS, MS, Arthritis, Motoneuron Disease and more.
  • Easy to work with (bendable using hands).
  • Provides easy accessibility for tracheal tubing.
  • Firm support for the head.
  • Components to add-on modifies support capability.
  • Easy to order parts to replace if necessary.
  • Cooling as well as comforting & Retains little heat.
  • Minimal presence for user and looks great.
  • Low maintenance cleaning.
  • Replacement collar straps & chin pieces.

How To Shape The Headmaster Collar:

shaping headmaster collar
  • Using your hands, you can shape the cervical collar to the necessary width and height.
  • The collar maintains the shaped position after adjusting.
  • By bending the collar, you can take pressure off sensitive collar bones.
  • Using the Anterior Support Component, an extra pad for the chin is available which can supplement padding about the chest area, providing additional comfort and pressure relief.

How Do You Put The Strap On


How Do I Order The Headmaster Collar?

First, take a measurement. Look at the picture to see how. Start from the angle of the jaw, about an inch under the bottom of the ear and slightly forward. Then measure to the center, front of the chin. Take the measurement under the jaw line. Choose the size and color of the collar from the dropdown menus. The colors available are Gray, Beige & Black.

Collar Modifications: Accessories & Replacement Parts

To make the collar stiffer and fortify the front of the collar for increased support, use the Anterior Support. To help with backward head control and/or to make it more comfortable and secure, use the moldable neck pad. For firmer backward head control or side tilt control, use the extension pads. We have replacement neck straps and chin pads, which you can also use at the end of the chest piece.

How Do I Clean The Cervical Collar?

The cloth material is Veltex. To wash the chin piece, we recommend hand washing with a mild detergent and lay flat to dry. Same method would be used to wash the large strap ( make sure to rinse well so there is no soap residue to hurt the skin). The material on the collar itself can also be washed like this or just wipe with a damp sponge.

Can I Use The Headmaster Collar in Water?

The collar has a core of spring steel (which is welded together to form the “hoop”), this is covered by rubber tubing which is glued together. This is then covered by the fabrics. So, water can get into the steel, and yes it will rust. We do know that some people use them in water (whether the shower or pool), and just replace them when they rust out (because they do – eventually!)

We have been asked about using it for water activities, and it is not “water proof” as indicated above. If you take the fabric off, it is possible that the rubber joint could be sealed, which should prevent the steel core from rusting. It might wind up being a little cosmetically challenged, but it could work. This is purely hypothetical – and not really recommended.

Does It Contain Latex?

No. All collars are new materials with no latex. Latex collars seen are years old at this point.

How Long Can I Wear The Headmaster Collar?

The collar can be worn to tolerance. It always takes time to get use to a new collar and there is an accommodation period. It may take some time to gradually get use to it or it may feel fine from the beginning. Wear as long as you are comfortable.

Note On Radiation Fibrosis Syndrome

Many people are not familiar with this cause of dropped head syndrome or loss of head control. Those with head and neck cancer are often treated using radiation. This can lead to damage of neck muscles, tendons, ligaments and nerves. Radiation Fibrosis Syndrome (RFS) is a progressive disorder where excessive scar tissue forms and the effects may not be evident for months after treatment. The condition is permanent.

What Is The L Code For Headmaster Collar?

The L Code is L0160 & the accessories are L0180

It is recommended a professional both measure & fit the collar. Outside U.S. International Distributors

  • A 2021 study in the European Spine Journal found that drop head syndrome can result from degenerative changes in the cervical spine and may also play a role in it’s progression. Features were severe degeneration in the lower cervical spine and slippage of vertebra in the upper cervical region as determined by radiographs.
  • A 2021 study in Scientific Reports indicates cervical malalignment is one of the risk factors for impaired horizontal gaze and restrictions to ambulation. In walking, stride length and peak hip/joint extension angles were significantly smaller and shorter. The thorax was also significantly tilted backwards. Peak ankle joint plantar flexion moment was significantly smaller. Therefore, the compensation to uncorrected head drop affects the entire body, from head to toes.

dropped head syndrome and walking

Additional information

Collar Size

Large, Medium, Small, Junior, Child, Infant

Collar Color

Beige, Black, Gray

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Stephen Ornstein, D.C. has treated thousands of neck, shoulder and back conditions since graduating Sherman Chiropractic College in 1987 and during his involvement in Martial Arts. He holds certifications as a Peer Review Consultant from New York Chiropractic College, Physiological Therapeutics from National Chiropractic College, Modic Antibiotic Spinal Therapy from Dr. Hanne Albert, PT., MPH., Ph.D., Myofascial Release Techniques from Logan Chiropractic College, and learned Active Release Technique from the founder, P. Michael Leahy, DC, ART, CCSP.