Air Neck Traction


Air Neck Traction Decompresses The Cervical Spine, Helping To Relieve Muscle, Joint, Disc & Nerve Pressure

Latex Free with individual control of each side, very good traction force and adjustments in the front and back allows a wide range of sizes from 13 to 26 inches. Comes with carry case and free inflatable neck pillow.

Since 1997, this is the fourth generation Air Neck Traction, non-latex, 6 points of adjustment control and larger, removable inflation bulbs. Now, you have new ways to apply traction to painful neck muscles, discs, joints, and get relief that you control.

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Air Neck Traction Decompresses The Cervical Spine, Helping To Relieve Muscle, Joint, Disc & Nerve Pressure

The Air Neck Traction device is Latex Free with individual control of each side, good traction force and adjustments in the front and back allows a wide range of sizes, from 13 to 26 inches.

Traction stretches the cervical spine to counter the effects of gravity on the structures of the neck. Your head weight ranges anywhere from 8 – 12 pounds, which the neck and shoulder muscles have to support. With poor posture, the head typically leans forward and increases the functional weight from gravity; just like holding something heavy out far from your body is more difficult as opposed to holding it close to your body. Over time, this undue stress can lead to neck injury, problems with the discs as they bulge from the pressure of weight, and altered vector forces as the muscles shorten and become tight. This can cause early onset of degenerative changes, which can become a chronic and even disabling problem. This can cause everyday pain and restriction in motion.

air neck traction

A unique cervical traction device to help address tight neck muscles and bulging discs which can cause headaches, neck pain and numbness or tingling down the arm from pressure on sensitive nerves and constriction of blood vessels which interferes with circulation. There is independent bilateral control to accommodate complex applications as well as postural and segmental configurations.

The original version came out in May of 1997. This is the fourth generation Air Neck Traction, which is latex free, has 6 points of adjustment control and larger inflation bulbs. It gives you new ways to apply traction to painful neck muscles, disc and joint problems, and get relief that you control and administer yourself. It is easy to use, comfortable and portable so you can use it at home, work and while traveling! Enjoy safe and effective pain relief from tight neck muscles, pinched nerves, tension and neck related headaches, as well as degenerative conditions like osteoarthritis, cervical spondylosis and irritated neck joints.

Simply place the Air Neck Traction device comfortably around your neck and inflate with air using the high efficiency hand pumps to gradually raise the level to a comfortable stretch. The air neck traction elongates to support the weight of the head allowing tight neck muscles to relax. Further inflation will help take pressure off the discs, joints, nerves and blood vessels allowing increased blood flow with decreased irritation due to decompression.

cervical spine decompression

Independent Inflation & Adjustment Of Each Side

This can be beneficial, since most disc problems cause pain, numbness or tingling on one side and it allows you to concentrate the traction to that side for more effective pain relief. It can also be beneficial for those with scoliosis. Your health care professional may prescribe traction to one side more than the other, and can accommodate treatment under antalgic postures. It can also be beneficial for rehabilitation, as it can be used to provide resistance for performing neck exercises.

In 2014, a study was published in the Journal Of Orthopedic Sports & Physical Therapy, Feb;44(2):45-57, that found the addition of traction to rehabilitation of those suffering from a pinched nerve in the neck improved results, with reduced levels of disability and pain intensity. The ability to perform exercises against resistance, particularly when individual control of the side and force of resistance, adds an additional aspect to treatment of these patients and those with other cervical spine conditions.

When partially inflated, it functions like a neck support allowing the neck muscles to relax. The air pressure is adjustable and you can set it to your own level of comfort when seeking pain relief. The long term goal is to provide enough pressure release or decompression so that normal functioning of the neck can be restored. Along with neck exercises, ergonomics, and a supportive pillow for sleeping, restoring function may be within your reach.

The original AirNeckTraction® has 6 velcro adjustment straps which open in the front and the back allowing a wide range of adjustment to fit most size necks and can be adjusted to you or your doctors preference. This not only allows size adjustment, this gives you multiple ways to control the level of comfort and traction, concentrating the decompressive effects to the best level in addition to the side that needs it the most. This, along with over a decade of production makes it one of the most versatile, powerful neck traction units.

neck traction collar open

By easily adjusting the straps that permit opening the unit all the way, complete availability for just about any neck size is available. This professional model permits total user control of left and right sides allowing fine adjustments to be made for control of head positioning, wedging of vertebral level, range of motion problems, scoliosis correction, myofascial stretching, accommodation for lateral or medial disc displacements and antalgic positioning. Power and versatility make this a valuable tool in combating neck problems.

Features reinforced internal air bladders allowing a great range of traction with confidence. The original design has been copied by many over the years and we have seen them come and go. Air Neck Traction has been around for years providing individuals and health care professionals with a quality product.

Air Neck Traction may well impact nerve, muscular, and skeletal elements within the neck responsible for pain generation. From the graphic representation, degenerative joint disease is responsible for joint irritability since the rear facing facet joints rub with each other instead of gliding smoothly. This is what is called facet syndrome and results in neck pain, headaches as well as radiating pain in the shoulder area. Furthermore, notice the herniated or bulging disc that has migrated from the disc containment to put tension on the nerve leading to neck and shoulder pain, possibly down to the arms and even as far as the hands. This is also referred to as radiculitis or a pinched nerve. Additionally, muscular spasms and bad posture may cause further pain and keep a never-ending cycle of neck pain and associated headaches.

Using cervical spine decompression brings about separating of the joints, therefore alleviating neck pain by reduction of pressure on delicate nerves. The disc herniation has diminished from the negative pressure as a result of the traction influence. The poor posture is improved since the neck traction reduces the forward placement permitting a more centered placement of the neck and head above the shoulders. Furthermore, spastic as well as shorter muscle tissues are extended and in a position to loosen up since the traction takes away the stress from the muscles through holding up the load of the head.

latex free neck traction device

Air Neck Traction Instructions

With the back velcro connectors fastened through the buckles, put collar surrounding neck together with the tubes and inflation bulbs in the front. Fine-tune the inflatable sections for proper shape and placement, then secure the velcro connectors in the front. Make use of a mirror to help until you get used to the fitting process.

Sit straight up and relax your back in the chair, keeping your head directly forward gazing out at eye-level. Make sure the valves on the hand pump bulbs are closed, then pump the inflation bulbs at the same time until you sense an easy stretch of your neck. Permit the back of the head to relax pleasantly back within the device. Relax your muscles. Inflate once again using slow amounts up until you experience a pleasant stretch. You can continue to keep inflating both sides up until you attain the suitable traction angle as well as proper amount of stretch and/or pain relief in accordance with level of comfort or as recommended through your health practitioner. Shut the roller valves to prevent any seepage of air. You could modify placement on your neck as needed until comfort and pain relief are achieved, but avoid using the air tubes to adjust the unit or damage may occur.

When through with your therapy session, open up the roller valves and then unscrew the valves on the bulbs and the air will discharge. As soon as the air has let out adequately, you may remove it. Allow the air to fully escape and place inside the traction carry case intended for protected keeping. Remember, this is an air inflatable device, so handle with care.

neck traction instructions1. Air layers
    (3 front & 3 back)
2. Velcro closures
    (3 front & 3 back)
3. Air tubing
4. Inflation bulbs
    A. Valve opened
    B. Valve closed
5. Roller valve
    A. Open air flow
    B. Closed air flow

Begin traction gently with minor and moderate level of traction at 1-2 times a day, then move on to more traction if comfortable. When you become used to it, the device can be used 2-3 times a day for a maximum of 20-30 minutes each time. Use at your own convenience while watching TV, working on computers, reading, traveling, reclining or relaxing, etc.

free inflatable neck pillow

With every purchase of Air Neck Traction, you get a FREE Inflatable Neck Pillow! Inflates and deflates for easy use at home, work or travel. Allows the muscles to relax and aids in the restoration of the natural curvature of the neck. Inflates easily for a custom fit. Underinflate slightly for a “floating on air” feeling. Covered with a special cloth on one side for additional comfort and prevents slipping. While Quantities Last. The traction unit also comes with Protective Carry Case which is great for storage and travel!

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Stephen Ornstein, D.C. has treated thousands of neck, shoulder and back conditions since graduating Sherman Chiropractic College in 1987 and during his involvement in Martial Arts. He holds certifications as a Peer Review Consultant from New York Chiropractic College, Physiological Therapeutics from National Chiropractic College, Modic Antibiotic Spinal Therapy from Dr. Hanne Albert, PT., MPH., Ph.D., Myofascial Release Techniques from Logan Chiropractic College, and learned Active Release Technique from the founder, P. Michael Leahy, DC, ART, CCSP.