Neck Pain Pillow


The neck pain pillow uses orthopedic variations with a 4 way design and high quality materials. Adjustable level of support that you can customize to your specific needs and comfort level.

Adjusts from medium to soft in firmness and your personal loft preference

neck pain pillow

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Neck Pain Pillow Uses Adjustable Therapeutic Fiber & Orthopedic sections To Provide Therapy Comfort Zones

The neck pain pillow uses a combination of orthopedic variations with a 4 way design and high quality materials, with an adjustable level of support that you can customize to your specific needs and comfort level. You can achieve optimal ergonomic support and comfort with separate back and side sleeping sections in one pillow.

Double zipper allows complete access to adjust pillow to your preferred firmness of both the neck roll cushion and side sleeping sections. Adjusts from medium to soft in firmness and your personal loft preference.

Great cotton fabric for cover, with silk gusset trim and superior microfiber filling providing better comfort and air flow for a more restful sleep. Hypoallergenic materials without harsh chemical odors.

neck pain pillow

Pillow Features

For proper support in a pillow for neck pain, side sleeping and back sleeping require different support. This one offers the option of adjusting the height and firmness level providing the correct support you need for either back or side sleeping. The pillow features a really nice fiber fill with a larger and smaller option center which cradles your head and neck while on your back. This allows proper cervical posture and support to help ease neck pain from conditions like whiplash and tension headaches.

Many people start to sleep on their back and eventually move to the side sleeping position. The pillow is designed with this purpose in mind – to provide consistent comfort and relief in any position. The therapeutic design provides the added support necessary when side sleeping without disruption in posture when accounting for the additional height needed for the shoulders. The gentle contouring provides easy and comfortable transition from the back to the side position and from moving side to side, helping to ease neck pain while you sleep and while you change positions.

The special side panels are designed to provide extra support and comfort for side sleepers while maintaining the same comfort and support for back sleeping. The center area provides a soft and cool therapeutic resting zone which can provide the correct postural alignment to aid in restoration and can also provide a slight traction effect to help ease sensitive nerves. When you are ready, just roll over to your side to maintain the correct alignment and therapeutic benefits while falling asleep on your side. The extra height in side sleeping will help keep the neck and shoulder muscles relaxed.

Enjoy a more restful nights sleep and ease discomfort as this unique pillow allows for improved transitions through all sleep stages of injury and conditions.

Benefits Of A The Neck Pain Pillow

When deciding what to do about neck pain, a pillow is a good place start. It is not the only method in seeking relief, however, getting a good night’s sleep is an essential part. The pillow is considered one of the therapeutic pillows that provide separate areas for back and side sleeping, making a good pillow for neck pain. When in significant levels of neck pain, sleeping on your side requires a higher level than back sleeping. Many look for a pillow for neck pain of this type due to the relief obtained regardless of sleeping posture.

The issue with many therapeutic pillows is that they require a conscious changing of positions. This is because there is a back sleeping section that is lower than the side sleeping sections. This necessitates an effort to switch positions. For this type of pillow, it is crucial that you do not sleep on the wrong section. Waking up with your head in the center section on your side can cause problems and an increase in pain. Most of these pillows require measuring because there are different sizes.

proper neck support

This pillow provides a solution to these issues by providing the option to have one pillow that you can adjust for best height and firmness. The unique contouring offers a slope that makes transitioning from side and back positions easier than most. This allows a smooth transition between back and side sleeping, making it a superior pillow for neck pain in these circumstances. So, the transitioning from back to side sleeping is easier than other separate sectioned pillows like the foam therapeutic pillow, the fiber neck pillow.

An additional benefit to the double zipper design is that it allows a different height for the left and the right side. Why would this be important? To most it will not make a difference, however, those suffering from an altered posture due to scoliosis, or an antalgic posture from a herniated disc or pinched nerve, it can make a huge difference.

When there is nerve pressure or muscle spasm, you head can be tilted to the right or left. This helps to ease muscular tension and/or take pressure off the nerve. When side sleeping, a regular pillow may alter this posture, creating more pain and preventing side sleeping. The neck pain pillow allows accommodation for this by allowing a height that maintains beneficial altered posture when side sleeping. This means you are not stuck having to sleep on your back the whole night and you will get a better night’s sleep so crucial to healing.

Some people are looking for a “pinched nerve pillow” and this one would be a good choice.

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