Neck Align Cervical Pillow

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Neck Align Cervical Pillow With Built In Neck Roll In 3 Sizes Matched To The Curve Of The Cervical Spine. Comfortable Neck Pillow For Back & Side Sleeping.

Measure From Bottom Of Ear to Top Of Shoulder With A Standard Ruler Or Tape Measure. 4″ Or Less = Small (#5 pillow lobe), 4 to 5″ = Medium (#6 pillow lobe), 5-6″ or more = Large (#7 pillow lobe).

neck align cervical pillow

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The Neck Align Cervical Pillow Has A Unique Design And Custom Fit To Provide Proper Head & Neck Support

Available in 3 different lobe sizes, the neck align cervical pillow, Core’s Cervalign, allows you to get the best possible fit for proper cervical support while sleeping on your back or side. The proper sleeping posture can provide relief from, and help prevent: tension headaches, strain/sprain injuries, whiplash, neck arthritis, tingling and numbness in the arms and hands.

The pillow is available in three sizes. Measure from the bottom of your ear to your shoulder with a standard ruler or tape measure to determine which size provides the best personal fit for you. 4″ or less = Small (#5 pillow lobe), 4 to 5″ = Medium (#6 pillow lobe), 5-6″ or more = Large (#7 pillow lobe). Pillow measures 24″ x 16″ with a soft head portion and firm neck roll portion.

A properly fitted neck pillow places your head and neck in their most natural, neutral posture. Proper sleeping posture can also provide relief from, and help prevent nerve pressure and airway blockage (a major cause of snoring). All this adds up to a better night’s sleep for you.

neck align cervical pillow

It is different from most neck pillows – it features a unique cervical lobe which places your neck in its most natural, neutral alignment and maintains proper neck posture as you roll from your back to your side. When, your neck is not stiff or irritated, you can turn the pillow around and use the large upper pillow section for normal sleeping comfort.

The pillow is filled with antimicrobial fiber to combat the growth of bacteria, mold and other microorganisms which is
perfect for allergy sufferers.

pillow with built in neck roll

Neck Align Cervical Pillow: Unique design and custom fit provides proper neck support. Measuring allows for selection of proper lobe size: small, medium or large; corresponding to small, average and large sized individuals.

Filled with cool, comfortable antimicrobial fiber to combat the growth of bacteria, mold and other micro-organisms. Ensures lasting freshness and long life. Large upper pillow section provides normal sleeping comfort when the neck is not stiff or irritated. Curved design allows for shoulder comfort with mild neck extension during sleep. Curved cervical lobe follows the neckline, maintaining proper neck support as you roll from your back to your side.

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Stephen Ornstein, D.C. has treated thousands of neck, shoulder and back conditions since graduating Sherman Chiropractic College in 1987 and during his involvement in Martial Arts. He holds certifications as a Peer Review Consultant from New York Chiropractic College, Physiological Therapeutics from National Chiropractic College, Modic Antibiotic Spinal Therapy from Dr. Hanne Albert, PT., MPH., Ph.D., Myofascial Release Techniques from Logan Chiropractic College, and learned Active Release Technique from the founder, P. Michael Leahy, DC, ART, CCSP.