Apex Wheelchair Headrest


The APEX Wheelchair Headrests are available in a winged or oval shape. The winged shape can be used with the wings at the top or bottom. Dual Layer Foam with an embedded shell gives comfort and safety. Foam is easily replaceable.

Adjustable contour (alloy shell), Dual layer plush foam, No zippers. Removable neoprene Dartex Reversed cover, Shell embedded into foam for edge protection, Premium materials, Extremely lightweight. Choose Compatible Mounting Hardware Here

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Apex Wheelchair Headrest Offer Plush Head Support

The Apex wheelchair headrest provides the ultimate comfort line with a 2 inch foam pad that is plush, yet supportive. Made of very high quality materials.

apex wheelchair headrest

  • Dual layer plush foam
  • Adjustable contour (alloy shell)
  • Shell embedded into foam for edge protection
  • Neoprene/Dartex™ Reversed cover
  • Removable cover adds comfort and allows easy cleaning
  • No zippers
  • Attaches to 1 inch ball mounting hardware for easy fitting
  • Premium materials
  • Extremely lightweight
  • Oval or winged shapes

It uses an aluminum shell – so you can bend it with your hands (open it up for less arc, or bend it in for more).

There is no substitute for quality. Besides the great looks, the dual layer foam is meticulously embedded with the shell for both comfort and safety. The foam is very easily replaceable.

A professional quality product. You will be able to enjoy use for a long time and is designed to help make daily life easier and more comfortable. You will enjoy both the high quality functionality as well as good looks. Great to pair with any of our our headrest hardware.

Headrest Pads available in either an oval or winged shape:

apex pad winged

The winged can be used with the wings either at the top or bottom. So, it is reversible – just rotate to have the wings up or down according to needs or preference.

Both winged pads are are 5.5″ (140mm) tall. Available in 11″ (280mm) wide or 9″ (230mm) wide.

apex headrest oval

The oval shape pads are available in 4 different widths. All oval pads are 4.5″ (115mm) tall. Widths are 14″ (350mm) |
12″ (300mm) | 10″ (250mm) | 8″ (200mm)

Over the years we have come to rely on one company that, in our opinion stands above the rest. Not only due to their high standards and quality, but to their commitment to improving lives. These replace a line of foam molded headrests with better functionality as well as much better comfort. The Apex wheelchair headrest is highly recommended and pairs well with hardware that fits any needs.

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Size & Style

Oval 14, Oval 12, Oval 10, Oval 8, Winged 11, Winged 9

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