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Headrest Hardware Has Great Options From Basic To Multi-Axis To The Forward Flex, Flip Down & Spring Loaded. Very High Quality & Can Be Used To Mount Other Headrests As Well

Choose From The Basic Offset For Standard Vertical, Horizontal & Angle Adjusting. The Twin Universal Multi-Axis For Greater Range Of Motion, & The Twin Forward Flex To Allow Positioning Of The Headrest Forward Of The Backrest, & The Versatile Link System.

The Flip Down Or Spring Loaded Feature Is Available For All Except Basic & Link. Please note: The extended Twin Flex Flip is not recommended for the Savant due to weight of the headrest – use the standard Twin Flex for extended length or the Twin Flip.

All hardware use a 1 inch ball mount. We do not trial any wheelchair equipment. It is always recommended to have a professional for measuring and mounting wheelchair headrest equipment.

Ships Free To Continental US

Headrest Hardware Mounting Options: From Basic To The Twin & New Twin Forward Flex – Simple, Solid & Effective

These headrest hardware options are very high quality to match the use of your Savant Wheelchair Headrest Apex Headrest and/or Axion Rotating Interface, they can also work with your current headrest and are a great option for mounting headrests of all kinds. All use a standard 1 inch ball to directly fit the headrest. If you have a 3/4 or 5/8 inch ball hardware that you will keep, you would need the Whitmyer adapter as noted at the bottom of the page.

Basic Hardware Option

Standard Wheelchair Headrest Mounting Hardware

The Basic Hardware is a dual offset configuration that utilizes a precision machined aircraft grade alloy that is half the weight of comparable steel hardware and is a versatile, very lightweight, sleek solution to mounting headrest which allows complete adjusting.

Use with the Savant Headrest for comprehensive control or headrests which accepts a 1 inch (25 mm) ball. Vertical Riser or Post – 13.5”/34 cm (to center of ball) | Vertical Offset 1 ½”/4 cm | Length of Horizontal bar 9”/23 cm.

The offset horizontal and vertical posts may be switched as need. You can see it in action with the Apex headrest

savant headrest hardware basic

Multi-Axis Twin Hardware

Twin Wheelchair Headrest Hardware

This is a very adjustable hardware for mounting headrests. The range of adjusting allows positioning of the headrest in a more precise manner.

The telescoping of the Twin Hardware is a unique feature permitting fine tuning for head positioning. Made of anodized aluminum.

The Twin Hardware may be used with the Savant Headrest for more comprehensive control and comfort as well as the Apex and any headrest which accepts a 1 or 3/4 inch ball.
award winning hardware

twin headrest hardware details

Please Note: The hardware comes as pictured. Allen Wrenches are not included, this uses a standard US measure Allen key (it’s not a proprietary OR metric size). Screws for the face back of chair are not included. Different seat backs have different depths, are made of different materials, and different seating installers generally have different preferences for the “type” and head of screw. A stop collar is not included with the standard hardware. The twin comes with the stop collar

Double Multi-Axis Twin Flex Hardware

Twin Flex Hardware For Mounting

This is new and adds a significant measure of adjustability to the Twin. We call it the “Super Twin” and it is the most adjustable hardware for mounting the Savant/Axion or Apex. The range of adjusting allows positioning of the headrest forward of the backrest.

The same great features of the twin with 17 inches of extended flexion range for those with forward body lean.

The Twin Flex accepts a 1 inch ball.

twin flex savant headrest hardware

The twins have a keyed stop collar. The piece sticking out of the bottom of the stop collar will slot into the little hole in the top of the mounting bracket. (The point being, the whole thing can be pulled out of the mounting bracket, and then dropped back in in exactly the same position and at the same height.) The twin mounts higher on the back than the standard. A certain experience/skill level would be advisable for mounting hardware installation. A standard tool kit would be assumed.

Dynamic Spring Loaded Option

Dynamic Headrest Mounting Hardware

The Twin Dynamic Hardware offers provides tone deflection and controlled horizontal movement. Force absorption protects the user, the hardware and helps to accommodate extensor tone.

The spring tension is available in firm or soft and can be changed at any time without tools. Firm is the default tension and if a softer travel is required, the softer spring can be installed.

The Dynamic feature can be turned on or off by turning the knob, providing a dynamic or rigid headrest mount. Spring travel is 22mm, just under 1 inch of horizontal tone deflection through the headrest pad.

dynamic hardware option

Flip Down Option

Twin Flip Mounting Hardware

The Twin Flip easily and quickly moves the headrest out of the way while staying attached to the wheelchair eliminating misplacement.

An excellent solution for lift transfers.

The spring loaded locking collar is clearly labeled and easily slides to allow the headrest to move rearward.

When locked, the vertical post is rigid with no wiggle.

Our most popular option!

flip down hardware option

Link Headrest Hardware Infinity Mount

Infinity Linking Mounting Hardware

This is one of the most versatile solutions for mounting headrests. Rigid and strong and rigid design permits an infinite amount of adjustability.

The Infinity Link is super lightweight, very low profile and easy to adjust.

It is available with 2 or 4 links for extended reach and can position the headrest to the side. ​

infinity link hardware


Hardware Allen screws are metric. For easy adjusting, eliminating the use of an Allen wrench and to avoid stripping the screws, there are Adjustable Handles. We have a Universal Headrest Mounting Plate, Whitmyer Adapters for cross product integration.

The hardware, except for the basic, is also available with a 15mm square riser or 12.7mm (1/2″) square riser instead of the standard round riser tube and/or 3/4 inch ball. No additional cost, just fill in note when ordering or contact us with the update. Allow additional time for delivery.

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