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The Whitmyer Adapter Is A Ring That Allows A Headrest With A 1 Inch Ball To Fit A 3/4 Or 5/8 Inch Hardware

This Permits A Headrest Featuring A One Inch Ball Receptacle In The Back To Be Mounted To A 3/4 Inch Ball (19 mm) Whitmyer Hardware As Well As A 5/8 Inch (17 mm) Stealth Hardware.

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The Whitmyer Adapter Is A Ring That Allows A Headrest With A 1 Inch Ball To Fit A 3/4 Or 5/8 Inch Hardware

The whitmyer adapter permits a headrest featuring a one inch ball receptacle in the back to be mounted to a 3/4 inch ball (19 mm) Whitmyer hardware as well as a 5/8 inch (17 mm) Stealth hardware.

With Stealth, the 5/8 systems are usually the array head positioning (multi pad systems). These can get a bit complicated. Standard ones use the 1 inch, so it is important to know your system.

Let’s try to get this down, because it is important and can get confusing. If I am redundant, please excuse.

So if you have a 3/4 or 5/8 inch headrest and would like to use our hardware with 1 inch ball mounts, it will not work. You would need to order a new headrest with a 1 inch ball receiver. The adapter will not help.

The Whitmyer adapter allows a smaller ball (3/4″) to fit into larger (1”) headrest socket receiver. Only.

The adapter does NOT adapt Headrests, only hardware. So if you have a Whitmyer headrest (small receiver socket) – you must use Whitmyer or compatible hardware. (Our adapter will not help you at all.)

It may help to think of it as “you can put a small ball (Whitmyer) into a large socket receptacle (Savant, Stealth etc. headrest), but you cannot put a large ball into a small receptacle.

Or …just know that the adapter was designed so that our Headrests (which accept a 1” ball) could be used with Whitmyer hardware.

This often becomes an issue with the Savant Specialty Headrest and/or the Axion Rotating Mount. The Axion is where it gets confusing.

The 3/4 inch Axions do include the adapter because it is not an unreasonable assumption that someone ordering a 3/4 inch Axion already has a Whitmyer headrest and hardware. (Usually headrests and hardware are initially purchased together.) The 3/4 inch Axions have a 3/4 inch ball, but ALL Axions have 1” ball receivers. (So they will receive 1” mounting hardware natively, but need the adapter for 3/4 inch mounting hardware).

Most applications we do are the 1 inch Axion to go with mounting hardware with a 1 inch ball. Most are the 90 degree.

If you have a 3/4 inch headrest – Whitmyer or Stealth with 5/8 inch, and want a 1 inch specialty hardware like the Twin Line, you would need to get a different headrest. (You can’t put a big ball in a small receptacle). However, if you have hardware with a less than 1 inch ball, you can use the adapter to fit a 1 inch ball receiver headrest.

This is important, because the Savant is a very unique and useful headrest (our most popular) and can make a huge difference in quality of life. While most of our setups are either new or complete replacements (matching ball and socket), if you have invested in hardware that uses a small ball, the adapter allows you to adapt the hardware you already have, to a new 1 inch receiver headrest. This can help to save money as well as time.

Although these systems tend to be modular, with the Axion, chances are good that if you already have a Whitmyer headrest, you also have Whitmyer mounting hardware. So you WILL need the adapter because the 19 mm or 3/4″ Axions have a 3/4″ ball (that goes into the headrest), but have 1″ ball receivers.

The best way to explain this is a 3/4 inch hardware attaches to ANY Axion Mount when using a the adapter. A one inch hardware attaches to ANY Axion without any adapters needed. Whitmyer headrests are designed to accept a 3/4 inch ball. So if you have a Whitmyer headrest you would want an Axion with the 19 mm or 3/4″, because they have a 19 mm/3/4 inch ball.

If you have a headrest that accepts a 1 inch ball like the Savant, then you would want an Axion 25 mm/1 inch, because they have a 25 mm/1 inch ball.

Unless you want to switch a 3/4 inch current hardware to a 1 inch ball mount like the basic or twins, to use the Savant/Axion, or Axion with a 1 inch headrest, you would need a Whitmyer adapter separately. With the Axion, the 3/4 or 1 inch refers to the headrest side – the hardware side is always 1 inch, so if you have 3/4 inch hardware, you will always need a Whitmyer adapter to fit any Axion. Now, the 3/4 inch model Axion comes with a Whitmyer adapter for the 3/4 inch hardware, and will fit a headrest that accepts a 3/4 inch ball.

Again, a 3/4 inch hardware attaches to ANY Axion when using a Whitmyer adapter. 1 inch hardware attaches to ANY Axion natively.

So, if you have a 3/4 ball mount, and want to use the Savant Headrest, then you need an AXION 1 inch and a Whitmyer adapter.

Whitmyer Adaptor Flow Chart

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