Savant Adjustable Handles


The Savant Adjustable Handles Provide An Easy Way To Adjust The Hardware Without Using Tools

If You Adjust The Positioning Of The Hardware For The Savant Headrest Frequently, The Adjustable Handles Can Make Life Easier With Quick & Easy Adjusting That Avoids Use Of Allen Wrench For Easier Patient Positioning

The Multi Axis Savant Hardware Mounts (Twin & Forward Flex) Use M6 x 20 mm Steel Screws. The Handles Replace The Screws & Omitting Use Of Any Tool. Sold in Pairs: 1 Order = 2 Handles. The Twin Uses 1 pair (2) & The Flex Twin Uses 2 Pair (4).

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The Savant Adjustable Handles Provide An Easy Way To Adjust The Hardware Without Using Tools

If you adjust the positioning of the Hardware For The Savant Headrest frequently, the Savant adjustable handles can make life easier by providing a quick and easy way that avoids using an Allen wrench each time you adjust positioning.

The multi axis hardware mounts (Twin & Forward Flex) use M6 x 20 mm steel screws. If you adjust them a lot, the handles replace the screws for easy and fast adjustment. The standard screws are metric, so if you use an imperial Allen wrench that is not metric, the head can strip. Because they are steel, they do not strip with a metric Allen wrench. The savant adjustable handles handles solve the problem by omitting the use of any tool. The Twin uses 1 pair (2) and the Flex Twin uses 2 pair (4).

The Savant Wheelchair Headrest is the gold standard in head support for those with lack of head control due to diseases like ALS and other conditions like TBI that cause lack of head control issues like drop head syndrome. The main hardware mounts for increased flexibility in positioning are the multi axis versions. They are paired with the Savant for better head and body positioning.

The Twin is a basic multi axis allowing a range of motion between standard vertical and horizontal. The Flex Forward allows positioning in front of the backrest of the chair for those with a forward trunk lean. Flexibility in positioning is the hallmark of effective and comfortable support.

Frequent adjusting of the hardware arms using the wrong wrench will damage the screws. This is not covered under the warranty. To allow proper care of the hardware, you should be using a metric Allen wrench. As using even the right wrench can be cumbersome with frequent adjusting, or you can loose or misplace the wrench, the savant adjustable handles avoid this. It also makes the hardware look better in addition to the increased functionality.

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