Savant Headrest Side Pad


The Savant Headrest Side Pad Offers Additional Support By Extending The Side Of The Headrest

The Side Pads Are Used On The Top Of The Savant Wheelchair Headrest Where The Headband Is. You Cannot Use The Headband If You Use The Side Pad. Side Extension Pads Extend Support For The Top Arms Only

It Is Used In Place Of – Or As An Alternative To – The Headband Ships Free to US

The Savant Headrest Side Pad Offers Additional Support By Extending The Side Of The Headrest.

The side pads are used on the top of the headrest where the headband is. You cannot use the headband if you use the side pad. Side extension pads extend support for the top arms only. You may use on or two, but on the top arms only – they will not attach to the lower two arms.

It is used in place of (or as an alternative to) the headband. It’s either/or – you cannot use both at the same time.

Why Use The Side Extension Pads?

Some people simply do not like the idea of a “restraint” – which the forehead strap technically does qualify as. And some people don’t really need the complete support that the forehead strap offers. Quite often you will see people who tend to “roll” out of their headrest – usually consistently to either the left or the right. In these cases the extra extension of the lateral pad will offer enough of a “catcher” or support, and the strap will not be necessary.

Installing The Savant Headrest Side Pad

Simply open the headband strap clip on the top lateral arm of the Savant Headrest, and remove the screw that holds the clip in place. Remove the black plastic hole shroud located beside the clip. Place a bend in the Side Pad bar if desired (you will want to use a vice – the bar is steel), and attach it to the top lateral pad of the Savant using the screws and screw covers included with the Side Pad.

The only thing to keep in mind is that when using just one Side Pad, you can put a bit of a bend in it, but if you use two, they must remain straight.

Carbon Cover

The Carbon Cover is a new option for the side pad that offers a durable and low-shear material which reduces friction from head movement. It can be easily wiped with a cleaning solution or disinfectant.

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