Common Neck Pain Causes

Common Neck Pain Causes

Have you ever told anybody that they were a pain in your neck? It may sound sort of funny, but aggravation and stress is one of the major contributing factors to neck pain causes as well as headaches. Tensing up your muscles involuntarily can certainly cause your shoulders, neck, and head to ache and is one of the common neck pain causes.

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All Common Neck Pain Causes Are Not The Same

Not all neck pain stems from stress though. In some cases, it might stem from cervical spine injury postural strain from poor ergonomics or even nutrient deficiencies. These things all tend to feed upon each other though. For example, injuries might also cause mental stress. In this case, both things feed upon each other to make pain worse and more difficult to manage.

Essential fatty acids and antioxidants are two vital types of nutrients you should be consuming every day. In fact, the lack of these nutrients could cause all sorts of muscle and joint aches. Essential fatty acids help your blood circulate better and may improve your mood. Antioxidants help reduce inflammation and help your body flush out toxins. Other nutritional supplements which can help ease joint pain can help restore and keep joint cartilage healthy.

You can see how the lack of these vital nutrients might cause pain all over your body. Many people find that when they start paying attention to the type of food they eat to be sure they get enough of these vital nutrients, their pain goes away. You might try to add more healthy types of food to your diet or take a supplement to see if that gives you any relief.

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Of course, a common and obvious source of neck pain is an injury such as whiplash, which often involves damage to muscle (strain) and/or damage to a ligament (sprain). This can be serious and require immediate treatment from a doctor or even an emergency room setting. However, significant damage or improper healing can also lead to chronic neck issues that may not be a life threatening health problem, but it might be ruining the quality your life, both in affecting function as well as emotional aspects of pain.

In this case, you may want to visit a good doctor for assistance. If you would rather not take medicine, you might visit a Chiropractor who can use manual manipulation along with other natural healing methods to treat many injuries. They can help relieve pain and help your body get stronger so it can heal itself.

There are many common neck pain causes. These range from stress to nutrient deficiencies to injuries to common neck muscle strain. Neck pain might be mild and chronic or it might be disabling and intense.

A 2020 report in the British Medical Journal indicates neck pain is a serious public health problem and increasing awareness about risk factors and preventive strategies is warranted to reduce the future burden of this condition.

In either case, the first thing to do is to try and find a specific pain generator for the reason your neck hurts. Once you figure out the cause, you can begin to seek neck solutions own your own or with the aid of a medical professional.

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