Shoulder Heating Pad


Microwavable Heating Pad & Shoulder Brace Combine To Provide The Ultimate Heat & Cold Therapy

Large pad is designed to fit comfortably on the shoulder and is held in place with the therapy brace

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Shoulder Heating Pad Provides Heat With Secure Brace & Microwavable Convenience

The shoulder heating pad produces heat and is conveniently microwavable. No electrical cords, batteries or hot water mess; just heat in the microwave and you have a great heating pad to surround the shoulder in soothing and muscle relaxing heat therapy.

Shoulder problems interfere with life from sports, work and daily activities. Heat is a great method to loosen stiff joints and relax muscles. Treating the shoulder can be challenging, but the shoulder heating pad makes applying time proven moist heat easy. From nagging rotator cuff problems to overworked and stiff muscles and joints, to restricting and aching arthritis, this microwavable shoulder wrap helps to provide relief with freedom of moving around without being tied to electrical cords or having to boil water for use with messy gel packs.

Microwavable Shoulder Moist Heating Pad Details

A special hot pack with ergonomic brace allows the heating pad to absorb moisture at a greater rate than typical microwavable heating pads that just lay on your body. This allows better penetration of the heat for a more effective therapy. Just heat in the microwave for seconds and place the pack in the brace. The included elastic straps make it easy to fasten and keep it perfectly in place just where you need it. Covers a wide surface area to surround the shoulder in beneficial heat.

This is very good for heat therapy, which is often recommended by doctors for chronic pain relief. It therapy provides temporary alleviation from arthritis and shoulder strain. Fits either right or left shoulder. Made of a soft and comfortable brace to insulate and provide a vapor barrier, which helps maintain the heat in the pad and directed to the shoulder. The design of the shoulder heating pad keeps it securely in place, while permitting motion.

Using The Shoulder Heating Pad

Take out of microwave and feel it to test for level of heat. If it is heated to high, allow it to cool down prior to use. If it needs further heating, re-heat using 10 second intervals, testing each time as you go until the proper temperature is achieved.

Place the heating pad in the brace and secure on either and secure with belt and fastener.

Treatment time is typically 20 minutes, with a 20 minute period of rest in between applications or as prescribed by your doctor. Alternating 20 minutes of heat and a 20 minute break in between can be repeated 3 to 4 times a day intended to reduce soreness and stiffness. Can be used for cold therapy as well by placing in the freezer.

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Benefits Of The Shoulder Heating Pad

Having a microwavable shoulder wrap is beneficial in that there are no electrical plugs or wires. Heating in the microwave is a fast method which allows heating to your personal preference. Perhaps the most beneficial aspect is the targeted heat it provides. It permits deeper penetration, therefore, it is more effective at alleviating deeper aches and pains associated with shoulder problems. It helps provide better recovery through an increase in blood circulation, bringing a fresh supply of oxygenated blood and removing waste products which can slow the process of healing.

Heat also changes tissue temperature efficiently and effects nerve receptors, relaxing muscles and soothing pain. In clinical settings, doctors often prefer heat packs for therapeutic benefits and their patients often note better symptom relief using heat applications. Shoulder heat therapy may be used to warm up prior to sports or work activity to help increase joint flexibility and blood flow to the muscles.

Considerations In Using The Microwavable Shoulder Wrap

Heat is not recommended for recent injuries where there is swelling. If you have just injured your shoulder, although heat may feel good and relax the muscles, you should use ice applications for the first 24 to 48 hours until the swelling goes down. Heat must be applied with caution on those who have problems with circulation or conditions that may alter the sensation of the skin like diabetes. It is always suggested to use clothing or a soft cloth between the heating pad fleece side of the microwavable shoulder wrap and the skin.

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