Best Sleeping Pillows For Neck

Finding The Best Sleeping Pillows For Neck Problems

The impact of sleeping with a neck pillow that lacks essential support can be quite profound. Headaches, snoring, insomnia, hand and arm numbness and neck pain are among the most frustrating consequences of having improper neck pillow support. Given the substantial amount of time that is spent sleeping each and every day, it really does pay to research the details of neck pillows. Finding the best pillows for neck problems can prevent many of these problems from developing and can help foster night after night of restful sleep.

Numerous medical studies have given credence to the notion that using neck pillows regularly goes a long way toward alleviating the chronic neck pain from which so many individuals suffer. Furthermore, the use of such pillows has been shown to relieve radiating arm pain and has also facilitated more rapid healing of neck injuries. Poor posture and the discomfort it produces have also been helped greatly by nightly sleep on the best sleeping pillows for neck relief.

When in the market for a great neck pillow, it is important not to make a hasty decision based on little more than price or brand name. Rather, it is necessary to take the time to consider your own sleep habits and preferences and search for pillows designed to accommodate them. Reading information related to your condition and sleeping habits can help you select the perfect pillow for your unique needs.

best sleeping pillows for neck

The key to purchasing a neck pillow capable of improving so many of the conditions listed above is to carefully weigh a number of factors while shopping. The best sleeping pillows for neck are generally available in a number of materials, including egg crate foam, water-filled bladders, buckwheat-filled versions, down-filled, inflatables and memory foam options. Usually the best ones are functional pillows which allow proper neutral positioning in both back and side sleeping positions.

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Some pillows are designed specifically to address neck problems, back pain, snoring and poor posture. There are also versions engineered to accommodate side sleepers and back sleepers alike. Taking these factors into consideration when shopping is the best way to get the perfect pillow. Finally, it is important to pay attention to the size of the pillow you currently use so that you make an appropriate selection when buying your neck pillow. Since pillows are personal in nature, it is essential to spend the necessary effort to find the one best suited to your own specifications and requirements.

A study in the Journal of Pain Research indicates pillows are intended to support the neck and head in a neutral position to help minimize biomechanical stresses on cervical structures when sleeping. The neutral position is beneficial because these biomechanical stresses are associated with neck pain symptoms.

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