Tech Neck Symptoms and How to Treat Them

How To Treat Tech Neck Symptoms

tech neck symptoms treatmentTechnology is amazing when it keeps people connected but it comes at a price. Every year, more workers are experiencing tech neck symptoms due to prolonged periods working on the computer. Long periods of neck flexion due to looking down at a screen or mobile device are debilitating. When left untreated, it leads to cervical spinal degeneration.

Tech Neck Symptoms

There are a variety of symptoms and you should take immediate action when you experience persistent pain or undue stress in any of these locations.

1. You experience aching pain at the junction of you neck and shoulders. You try to stretch but don’t experience any relief. If there is temporary cessation from pain, the problem quickly returns.

2. The pain occurs on only one hemisphere of you body. One side of your neck, shoulders, or upper arm is constantly sending stress signals to your brain. You may be positioning yourself in a way that concentrates muscular stress on this side of the body.

3. You experience frequent tension muscle headaches. These are characterized by dull pain and tender muscles in the neck, scalp, and shoulder regions. You feel pressure along your forehead. These are accompanied by frequent muscular spasms in the neck.

Treating Tech Neck Symptoms

It is recommend that you do effective exercises for the neck to actively work on relieving the symptoms and purchase equipment to help you maintain your posture and provide adequate support for your neck. The website is filled with equipment that has been proven to provide relief. Solutions range from neck support pillows to neck collars that will stabilize your posture and allow the muscles to slowly correct over time.

active seat to treat tech neckIt is important to use appropriate ergonomics for computer work, along with taking frequent mini-breaks to give your body and eyes a break. Having a chair that adjusts is beneficial, however, there is a great product that can be used to help provide motion while you sit and functions as a seat cushion, back support and footrest called the Active Seat, and this is a economical way to improve your health while sitting.

Patients report immediate relief when good equipment is used consistently and find that their overall health is greatly improved. Technology shouldn’t send you in a downward spiral. Stay healthy by getting the neck support that you need.