Neck Rehab Kit


Rehabilitate muscles through simple yet effective workouts to increase strength & improve motion.

Theraband tube with soft handles and door mount for shoulder stabilization. Circle bands for neck stabilization. This brand is professional grade. Be careful of cheap imitations. Make your kit today with the door handle and loop bands.

neck rehab kit

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Neck Rehab Kit For Home Based Exercise Program

Exercise is very important for rehabilitation of the cervical spine related to injuries and general problems associated with conditions that effect the neck, shoulders and poor posture. The neck rehab kit contains everything you need to get started with a home exercise program that is great for recovering and maintaining a health neck and upper body.

The neck rehab kit is easy to use and very portable. The components provide an exercise program for the neck and upper body so you may take an active role in the health of your neck. We have many exercises and exercise programs for the cervical spine here because they have been proven so effective in managing neck pain.

This kit was from Theraband and they have discontinued it. It originally came with a Biofreeze Roll-on. However, it is such a good rehab program that we wanted to continue it, so the main components are available. It is very versatile and is a key to rehabilitation of injuries and postural correction. You can get the Biofreeze separately if you want.

The main components are the thera-band exercise tube which has the soft grip handles and a secure door anchor. With these, you can do all of the exercises in the video.

No guessing on how to use the exercise equipment. You will see.

  1. How to set up the door anchor for the exercise tubing

The video shows a complete program for exercising using the equipment.


  1. pec stretch
  2. upper trap stretch
  3. levator stretch
  4. cervical retractions
  5. active neck range of motion


  1. seated row
  2. lat pull down
  3. chest press
  4. shoulder external rotation
  5. reverse fly

Balance & Stabilization

  1. isometric neck extension
  2. isometric neck side bending

Functional Movement

  1. overhead reach
  2. overhead press
  3. push
  4. pull
  5. diagonal lift
  6. diagonal chop

You can follow the guide and/or do additional exercises for the neck and shoulders. The red band system is beginning level. When you are ready, you can upgrade to higher levels.

Exercise is an important element managing cervical spine conditions. Because the muscles of the neck are connected to the head, upper back and shoulders, a good exercise and rehabilitation program must address these area as well. Strength and stabilization training of key postural muscles includes exercises for neuromuscular re-education and stretches. These are key features in treating chronic neck pain conditions often resulting from working long hours at a computer or desk job.

This is often used in conjunction with ergonomic improvements. Active range of motion, including stretching exercises are very beneficial for those suffering from long term effects of whiplash. It is up to a prescribing doctor or physical therapist to determine your specific needs regarding the neck rehab kit, however, it is reasonable for general purposes of strengthening and endurance to work up to 3 sets of 20 repetitions.

neck rehab kit

  • A study using strength training with thera-bands in a 2006 edition of the Journal of Strength and Conditioning Research, showed that training of the neck and shoulder muscles was beneficial for women suffering from chronic neck pain. The training provided improvements in both measured strength and pain complaints, and this can be maintained and can show better results with continued exercising long term.

I really like this combination for neck rehabilitation because it incorporates shoulder exercises that impact the neck and is crucial for postural restoration. Because so many neck problems are associated with postural factors, this has a direct influence on the shoulders and scapula. Rounded shoulders are seen with forward head posture, and this leads to scapular dysfunction.

  • By incorporating shoulder/scapular exercises with your neck exercises, you can achieve a stabilizing effect with the shoulders and upper back providing a stable base for the neck. A 2015 Manual Therapy Journal study indicates the usefulness of these exercises in chronic mechanical neck pain. The study indicates that adding connective tissue massage with these exercises can provide additional benefits for pain at night and some psychological health factors. Adding one of our deep tissue massagers is a great way to treat the muscles and connective tissues after a good rehab session or at night before bed.
  • A 2021 study in the Journal of Clinical Medicine showed that adding scapular exercises to neck exercises had a more significant effect in decreasing pain intensity, forward head posture and increasing cervical range of motion than neck exercises alone in patients with chronic neck pain.

So, this is for those who have done the basic exercises/stretching and other methods for healing we promote. This is the next level. If you are looking for correction of the cervical curve, passive measures are fine, but will not provide the ultimate results. The neck rehab kit is affordable, easy to use and very portable. It targets the vital areas necessary to rehab and prevent cervical spine problems.

  • A 2016 study in the Journal of Physical Therapy Science studied the effects of an elastic band exercise in patients with forward head posture and rounded shoulders. The authors found that using the band in 3 sets of 15 repetitions effectively corrected rounded shoulders and forward head posture. This was confirmed measurements of craniovertebral angle and cranial rotation, as well as ultrasound measuring an increased thickness of the trapezius muscles and lengthening of the pectoralis major.

Beyond the beginning neck exercises, using a band can help with rounded shoulders and achieve a more balanced approach to postural alterations and the effects on neck pain. Elastic bands are be used for resistance that is different from standard exercise equipment with weights. Using elastic bands that are easy to carry, safe and quite economical, they can be used to improve strength, flexibility, and balance control.

The shoulder retractions with arms bent and straight out are significant exercises that should be incorporated into the basic neck retraction and nodding. This method should produce the quickest results possible. In forward head posture, the pectoralis muscles contract and the rhomboid muscles weaken. The band retractions help counteract these factors.

It is important when doing shoulder retractions and variations, to keep your posture aligned – especially the neck, and to isolate the muscles you are working to avoid recruiting other muscles and to avoid strain.

I have used the same theraband system after recovery from two shoulder surgeries. It is a very high quality product and is very versatile. You will see these in physical therapy centers just about everywhere. It was the main form of rehab after surgery and really works well. I started with the red and was able to progress to the strongest level.

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