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Add On Headrest with orthopedic grade, high energy absorbing foam cushioning for protection and soothing, comfortable support. Proven in independent crash tests effective for reducing the severity and duration of whiplash injuries in the event of an auto accident.

Heavy-duty, adjustable elastic strap attaches easily to high back seats and adjustable head restraints. Unique wedge shape ergonomic design fills the space between the car seat and the driver’s head, neck and upper back.
Easy to install. U.S. Patent No. D399,080.


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The Add On Headrest Provides Crash Tested Whiplash Protection 7 Improves Driving Comfort & Safety

A Brest solution for older model headrests that can increase neck injury, the add on headrest is proven in crash tests to help reduce whiplash injury. Easy to upgrade to safety standards.

Due to change in headrests on newer model vehicles, we now recommend a car neck pillow

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In addition to the safety feature, it can help reduce driving fatigue by providing better posture. This can help you stay alert and ease muscle tension in the neck and lower back.

How Does The Add On Headrest Work?

Simply secure the support around your existing headrest in your car, van or light truck with the fastener and your ready to commute in comfort and safety. Many vehicles to not have the proper backset, which is the distance between the headrest and the back of your head. This increased distance allows more acceleration and deceleration during a whiplash injury in a car accident. This head support pillow reduces the distance, thus reducing the severity of whiplash.

The add on headrest design has been proven in independent crash tests to help reduce the severity and duration of neck injury in the event of a car accident.

It measures approximately 9.5″ x 11″ x 3″ and weighs approximately 8 oz. Hand Crafted in U.S.A. The strap is elastic and will stretch approximately 22″ and will fit many chairs for additional support. Custom length straps are available upon request, should you need wider applications.

Available in black cloth or leather, using the originally crash tested orthopedic foam insert for consistent protection over the years. It easily installs with a durable fastener and strap system which adapts to most types of vehicles.

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Benefits Of The Add On Headrest

Both orthopedically designed and scientifically tested, it provides firm support, encouraging a more relaxing driving experience. The standard model provides a measure of protection from whiplash and is highly recommended for those who have suffered a neck injury and need additional protection for driving. This can help reduce some of the anxiety in regards to driving after a whiplash injury.

add on headrest in chairIf you have a neck pain condition, like a strain or degenerative condition, it is important to add a measure of protection for your neck when driving and the add on support is a great solution.

A whiplash neck injury can be very troubling and, what is often called a simple muscle strain of the neck may be a more severe type of injury involving diverse symptoms with damage to neck joints, ligaments and nerves. Those who suffer a whiplash injury may have permanent damage, resulting in a chronic and sometimes disabling condition and a difficult recovery. Help to prevent or reduce the severity of whiplash injury with the proven benefit of an addonheadrest.

Reducing the gap between the back of your head and the head rest, this type of head support pillow absorbs energy during and impact and limits the head from whipping back and forth, thereby reducing the force and distance the head moves during a car accident whiplash event. Studies show that decreasing speed and distance your head travels during whiplash injury will reduce severity and duration of whiplash injury. Crash test revealed a 73% decrease in the head angular acceleration, along with a 38% reduction of the linear head acceleration using the support. There was less backward force applied to the head and a significant reduction in neck and head rotation.

Driving in a car as a driver or passenger can be discomforting, painful and worrisome if you suffer from a neck injury or have neck problems the add on headrest can help.

The head support for car seat helps to provide support without restricting mobility of the head, promoting a healthier neck posture while driving in a car. Uses an ergonomically sound design reducing tension and muscle fatigue in the neck and back.

Head Support For Car Seat Is Proven In Independent Crash Tests

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crash test 3 crash test 4

Doctor recommended, with a patented design proven to afford protection for the neck during a rear end collision!

I highly recommend the head support for car seat for those who have poorly designed headrests, which many older model vehicles have, to protect the neck from injury and help prevent further injury to an already damaged neck. This is the original add on headrest that has years of proven results and expert recommendations.

We do custom orders upon request if you need a wider strap. Please contact us for details. All orders made individually, some delays in shipping may be experienced. Leather supports may contain some defects that occur naturally in real leather.

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