Military Neck Traction Study

Military Neck Traction Study With Our Finest

The busiest booth at the 3 day Army Medical Symposium, hundreds lined up to try the home neck traction device. See the impressive results with the military neck traction study

Military Neck Traction Study at Army Medical Symposium

We were also approached by the U.S. Army Aeromedical Research Labarotory, Science Program Director about doing a study with their pilots. Stating: Pilots need to wear night vision goggles, weighing about 7-8 pounds and most of the weight is in front of the forehead causing severe forward head posture. This added to the “G” force from flying has been a critical issue with neck pain and pilots.

military neck traction study This is SFC. Trevor Diaz, US Army from the Army Medical Conference in San Antonio. He was found to be suffering from five disc herniations in his neck. Trevor wished to say hello and thanked us for providing him with the home neck traction. He said it made his neck feel much better. He is now capable of bending his head up with no pain or problems.

Before Home Neck Traction Treatment After Home Neck Traction Treatment

PRE: Ms. P with kyphotic (backward) buckle at C-4/C-5. Note posterior position of C-4 and C-5 as they compress the anterior (front) disc space (outlined). This aberrant configuration is a breeding ground for joint decay that will surely follow without correction.

POST: Ms. P after only one 20 minute session with the home neck traction applied from within the lordotic cavity at 8 PSI. Note that the kyphotic buckle is gone! Also observe the C-4/C-5 disc space (outlined). It has expanded or hydrated approximately 50%! If this patient sticks with her traction care, her dramatic reversal of kyphosis will lead to lasting lordotic recovery.

Military neck traction study comparison MRI with no device, a linear traction device and the home neck traction device.

No Traction Device Linear Traction Device Home Neck Traction Device
With no device applied there is a minimal neck curve With a linear traction device (pulls straight), disc decompression at the cost of 18% neck curve reduction. With the home neck traction there is larger disc decompression with a 76% neck curve expansion!

With traditional tissue traction expansion, your head is typically pulled pried from your shoulders within a straight or perhaps angled direction with out consideration to the neck’s all-natural curve . In this particular research, thirty six individuals having neck pain for a minimum of Six months and varying age from twenty one to eighty five. twenty were women; sixteen were males. Omitted in the research were individuals who have been on medications and when cervical spine radiographs demonstrated fused bones or hereditary irregularities. 1 man was discovered on x-ray as having ankylosing spondylitis. 4 other individuals had been ruled out since their necks were very small to assess sufficiently in the neck traction equipment when inside the MRI. In this military neck traction study, 3 of the individuals had been older than sixty five yet had been involved since they had been very healthy, used no medicines as well as had nominal degenerative findings in the neck.

All individuals arrived for the military neck traction study at the MRI center which is where they initially acquired an MRI in order to assess spine structure and also the viability of performing the research. A single individual was found to possess a substantial growth evidently stemming from the nerve root and probably a neurilemoma. This individual had been sent for evaluation by a neurosurgeon. After the first MRI, nineteen men and women were placed in standard straight line traction at greatest tolerance as an MRI was conducted. After the straight line traction, they were positioned upon the home neck traction when the last MRI was completed.

The effects were stunning! Straight line traction almost always straightened out the neck right into a posture that is the complete opposite of the optimal normal position. The home neck traction inevitably improved upon the positioning in the neck, opening up disc spaces at the front as well as back. Remarkably, flexibility in the neck had been nearly always increased following the home neck traction use. Whenever straight line traction had been conducted, ability to move increased nine degrees. The use of the home neck traction resulted in improved motion for an average thirty one degrees. In our previous study, just one application of the home neck traction for Twenty minutes increased ability to move greater than the present study in which the use was just the duration of time used to get the MRI.

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In this military neck traction study, the home neck traction device resulted in decreased disc bulging, improved neck pain symptoms as well as increased the normal neck curve. The home neck traction produced better outcomes than typical straight line traction.

military neck traction study

More studies at here. After viewing the home neck traction study, see how easy it is to use: Home Traction Unit Instructions

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