Savant Headrest Details

Savant Headrest Details

savant headrest details

Uses a quick release forehead strap that provides great support for dropped head and adjustable to not fall down over the eyes. Included with every headrest. The band uses soft silicone gel pads for increased comfort and less slippage.

Strap is nylon, breathable, soft and uses soft lycra covering with air mesh. The buckles may be removed if strap is not required and replacement Savant headband straps can be replaced if needed.

High Lateral Pads for effective side to side control. Mid Lateral Pads are provide support with comfort behind the ears. Sub Occipital Pads form additional support under the occiput. Pads filled with soft silicone gel for great comfort and the Savant is covered in a durable, yet soft knit nylon/lycra fabric.

Be sure to check out our new carbon covered Savant that reduced friction for the user and is easily sanitized. The Carbon Cover is a new option for that offers a low-shear, durable material that reduces friction during head movement. It is easily wiped with disinfectant or cleaning solution for a clean and head positioning device.

carbon covered savant

The Savant with this new cover offers the same custom gel head positioning as the original with the added benefit of reduced friction and easy infection control.

It is easily shaped by hand for a custom fit. Sizing for adults and pediatric.

Constructed with a unique steel core that allows selective shaping without tools. The mounting disk accommodates a 1” (25mm) ball. Adapters for just about any system.

Cool and comfortable unique headrest with a modular design of the cushions allowing air circulation. It is easy to put on and remove with a low profile and unobtrusive appearance. Easy to keep clean with total control for the head and low heat retention.

Check out all of our application options that provides solutions for everyone.

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