SleepRight Side Sleeping Pillow

SleepRight Side Sleeping Pillow

SleepRight Side Sleeping Pillow

Sleeping research indicates side sleeping is 95 percent more frequent in comparison with back sleeping. Appropriate side sleeping healthy posture has become more comfortable with the newest sleeping technological innovation using the SleepRight Pillow. Using state-of-the-art style and design, you can anticipate relaxing side sleeping along with optimum support for your head, neck, as well as shoulders.

Your SleepRight Side Sleeping Pillow is produced with top quality space-age foam. This particular tension minimizing foam is actually responsive to temperature and also bodyweight, quickly contouring for your particular body structure. Only the best memory foam is used and guaranteed with a 5 year manufacturer’s warranty. A nice option in side sleeping pillows.

Features a washable, hypo-allergenic, natural cotton velour pillowcover. Although, when preferred, a regular pillow case supplies a good feel with out the velour cover.

SleepRight Side Sleeping Pillow Details

The space-age foam side sleeping pillow shapes in accordance to your own body contours through an outline of your neck and head structure. This significantly reduces negative effects regarding pressure points, an advantage over standard pillows. Since your head forms in to the total face support, the space-age foam pillow gently conforms to your personal shape. The space-age foam automatically adjusts to heat range as well as body weight as your neck and head become stable within the sleeping position. Whenever the proper relationship between the head, neck and shoulders is reached, posture will be ultimately in-line for a comfortable night of restful sleeping.

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Side Sleeping Pillow Details:

  • Offers optimal comfort and support, relaxing the neck and shoulder muscles
  • Specially designed cradle for the face minimizes ear and jaw pressure points
  • Orthopedic airflow system increases oxygenation for improved breathing and reduced heavy snoring
  • Shoulders are cradled with a 12 degree angled design for relaxation, increased blood flow and proper spinal posture

Pillow Sizes:

Sizing is according to your height. Constant pillow measurements are 24″ by 12″ with height according to you height measurement:

Small Size = 5 foot 4 inches in height and shorter: Pillow height 3″

Medium Size = 5 foot 5 inches to 5 foot 10 inches in height: Pillow height 4″

Large Size = 5 foot 10 inches in height and taller or with broad shoulders: Pillow height 5″

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