Tennis Elbow Strap

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A great tennis elbow strap to reduce tendon pressure and prevent further injury

The package includes: 2 Elbow Straps and a User Manual.

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Tennis Elbow Strap Provides Elbow Pain Relief Using A Forearm Strap To Splint Muscles & Tendons

The tennis elbow strap works as a splint to the forearm using a skin friendly strap to compress soft tissues, absorbing and relocating forces allowing pain relief, healing the injured area and provides protection from further damage.

It is a one size fits all adjustable elbow brace that can be used on the left or right forearm.

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Tennis Elbow is a condition called lateral epicondylitis and is a common cause of pain from injury and overuse. The use of a counter-force straps is recommended and can have a great effect on relieving pain through tension reduction on the tendon of the wrist extensor muscles.

The main complaint of patients with tennis elbow is pain and reduction in grip force. Many studies support the positive effects of tennis elbow band or counter-force brace on pain reduction and increasing grip strength. Through appropriate
counter-pressure from the brace on the extensor muscles, the tension of the muscle-tendon is reduced on the lateral epicondylar region.

A tennis elbow strap can have immediate effects on the symptoms of tennis elbow providing pain relief pain and protection when participating in activities that require repetitive elbow, wrist hand movement. A study in the Journal of Orthopaedic and Sports Physical Therapy found an elbow strap resulted in an immediate increase in pain free grip strength as opposed to a wrist splint type of brace.

This is a quality strap and you get two of them so you can keep one in your vehicle. Try changing a tire without it! I use this one and find it very useful. I have a torn tendon that is almost 75%, along with a tear of the extensor carpi radialis longus muscle. While it is usually the extensor carpi radialis brevis muscle that is involved, they are the two muscles that attach to the tendon.

This tennis elbow band is easy to use, comfortable with a good pressure pad, provides a good counter-pressure to splint the muscles, and is nicely breathable – important. The narrow strap means I can place it in-between the torn muscle and the tendon, so you can get very specific in application. I cannot perform activities requiring reasonable force without it or I risk rupture of the tendon. Although a use a compression brace more generally and for long periods, this band is necessary for specific tasks if you have a tear in the tendon.

There are many types of elbow straps available and I have tried most of them – some rather fancy ones at that, however, this one is the most comfortable and easy for me to use. It has strong Velcro, the seam work and stitching is well done, and the pressure pad really helps complete the package. The adjustable strap means it is good for men and women and requirements for compression based on the level of elbow pain symptoms and pathology.

Although it is most frequently called “tennis elbow”, it occurs in those who do repetitive motions and injuries do not discriminate. So, it can help with “Golfers Elbow” as well as general tendonitis from arthritis or more appropriately, tendinosis, because it usually involves degeneration of the tendon in persistent cases, as opposed to strictly an inflammatory condition.

Due to the common nature of the problem, it has often been named for the activity beyond tennis and golf: computer or mouse elbow, pool or billiard elbow, rower’s elbow, fishing elbow and more. So, it is a great solution for other sports like bowling, weight lifting, and for carpenters (hammer elbow), mechanics, and assembly line workers, gardeners, landscapers, and work or chores that involve vacuuming, sweeping, scrubbing, and more. A tennis elbow strap can really help!

What hurts your elbow? Let me know and I will add it here to the list of named conditions related to elbow pain and activity. Gamer’s elbow – thanks John, guess we could also call it PlayStation Elbow.

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