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Shoulder Pillow Side Sleeper Combines A C-Shaped Cut Out To Cradle Your Head, Neck & Shoulder With Luxurious, Plush Memory Foam Infused With Your Choice Of Lavender, Chamomile, Peppermint, Bamboo Charcoal, Gel Foam, Or Cooling Liquid Gel Topper

Queen & King size: 6 inch loft. Soft, Clean & Conforming Memory Foam. Removable 100% Tencel Fiber Cover`Adds Softness & Moisture Control. Unique Shoulder Recess Ergonomically Designed To Ease Tension On Neck & Shoulders When Side Sleeping.

Aromatherapy Spray Included With Scented Pillows

Shoulder Pillow Side Sleeper Combines A C-Shaped Cut Out To Cradle Your Head, Neck & Shoulder With Luxurious, Plush Memory Foam With Your Choice Of Aromatherapy & Special Infusions

A fantastic solution for side sleepers, the shoulder pillow side sleeper supports the head and neck with a soft, yet supporting memory foam, while allowing your shoulder correct positioning. Neck and shoulder pain is common due to the muscle connections between the two areas. Trapezius myalgia is one such condition, as well as cervical spine and shoulder problems that can benefit from a more relaxed shoulder position when sleeping. Relief when sleeping is often difficult and frustrating. While some pillows use angles and various filling materials, you will have a difficult time finding a pillow that is as comfortable as this one.

Because the foam is soft and conforming, the loft height of 6 inches is variable, accommodating to your anatomy. It is soft enough to sleep on your back for those side sleepers who occasionally lay on your back between sides, but specializes in side sleeping. The shoulder is not altered by stressful angles and the spine-shoulder interface is maintained for relaxation and stress reduction. 100% TencelĀ® fiber cover which can be removed and washed.

Infusion Options

1) Natural Roman Chamomile scent soothes, calms, relaxes, and gently relieves stress and tension: 2 ml spritzer included

2) Natural Peppermint oil helps respiratory function and eases tension headaches: 2 ml spritzer included

3) Natural Lavender oil soothes, calms, relaxes, gently relieving tension and stress: 2 ml spritzer included

4) Bamboo charcoal is great for people with allergies or or asthma, eliminates odors, absorbs moisture, and helps regulates temperature

5) Gel Foam infusion for cooler sleep temperature and better pressure point relief

6) Heat-capturing Liquid Gel combines gel foam and a layer of soft liquid gel – the coolest version.

shoulder pillow side sleeper

The pillow is a medium-soft density, so the combination of materials allows a comfortable positioning, conforming to your anatomy. It will compress as you lay your head on the pillow, forming a snug, comfortable fit with the shoulder cut out. It will fit most individuals and compresses variably, but an average of 4 to 5 inches, depending on your weight. This leaves a very comfortable, reactive and accommodating side sleeping position that will allow short periods of back sleeping as well.

The infused memory foam cradles the neck and head, relieving pressure, with a cover that enhances the aromatherapy and cooling properties. The shoulder pillow side sleeper combines the best technologies in cooling comfort and aromatherapy with a simple, but unique shoulder recess offering exceptional neck support for side sleeping; the position used by most and one of the more difficult to achieve ergonomic, yet comfortable positioning. The removable, washable, moisture wicking super soft 100% Tencel cover enhances the soft, cool feel.

Those who suffer from neck & shoulder pain often have a difficult time finding the best pillow. One of the best options is the therapeutic pillow, however, some may have a difficult time getting used to a pillow that has separate areas for back and side sleeping. This means you must change positions in a conscious manner or risk waking up on your side with your head in the back sleeping section of the pillow. This can cause neck problems. With the Shoulder Side Pillow, you can have a comfortable, ergonomic pillow and not be concerned with changing positions consciously.

Another option is the side sleeper, however, some find the heat build up of the memory foam to be problematic. Again, the Shoulder Pillow Side Sleeper provides solutions to some of the downfalls of popular side sleeping pillows by using a cooler memory foam and options for a special liquid gel surface that wicks away heat. This provides the classic, conforming memory foam comfort and pressure relief, without the heat build up.

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I have written about my personal experience of a two pillow strategy to manage neck pain. However, after trying this pillow, I can certainly recommend it as an alternative.

The perfect height using a soft gel foam with an extra cooling comfort layer of liquid gel technology keeps you cool, comfortable and supported all night long. The height, soft gel foam and layer of cooling gel creates the perfect density and ergonomics for side sleeping. The liquid gel top layer is as soft as the rest of the pillow, but is definitely cooling.

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Chamomile, Peppermint, Lavender, Bamboo Charcoal, Gel Foam, Liquid Gel Top

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Stephen Ornstein, D.C. has treated thousands of neck, shoulder and back conditions since graduating Sherman Chiropractic College in 1987 and during his involvement in Martial Arts. He holds certifications as a Peer Review Consultant from New York Chiropractic College, Physiological Therapeutics from National Chiropractic College, Modic Antibiotic Spinal Therapy from Dr. Hanne Albert, PT., MPH., Ph.D., Myofascial Release Techniques from Logan Chiropractic College, and learned Active Release Technique from the founder, P. Michael Leahy, DC, ART, CCSP.