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Simply The Most Comfortable Egg Crate Style Pillow Available. This Is Truly An Egg Crate Pillow Plus, With The Convolution Design Offering Adjustability And Accommodation For Any Sleeping Position.

The Pillow uses a 6″ Variable Loft and Will Surround Your Neck And Head In Complete Support And Comfort. You Can Use The Pillow With The Convoluted Side Up For Back Sleeping, Flip It Over With The Convoluted Side Down For A Firmer Side Sleeping Position, Or Take Out The Removable Memory Foam Egg Crate Center For Stomach Sleeping.

egg crate pillow plus

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Popular Egg Crate Pillow Plus With Memory Or Gel Foam & Microfiber Fill With Removable Convoluted Core

Simply the most comfortable egg crate style pillow available. This is truly an egg crate pillow plus, with the convolution design offering adjustability and accommodation for any sleeping position. Choose from two styles of adjustable inserts using standard or gel infused memory foam. Accommodates any sleeping position.

The convoluted foam is often used as an “egg crate topper” for both pillows and mattresses because it has the ability to reduce pressure points and increase airflow and comfort. While most are simply layered or glued to a standard foam base, the convolution pillow uses such a comfortable and responsive memory foam egg crate material that is actually a core inside a wonderfully comfortable and cool special gel microfiber that has a down feel and encased in a top quality cover.

The egg crate pillow plus measures 29″ by 16″ by 6″ (queen size) and will surround your neck and head in complete support and comfort. You can use the pillow with the convoluted side up for back sleeping, flip it over with the convoluted side down for a firmer side sleeping position, or take out the removable memory foam egg crate center for stomach sleeping. Three options in one pillow for mult-position use or to find the best comfort just for you in any position.

egg crate pillow plus eggcrate pillow

This is a remarkable pillow that is very popular here and makes a great gift idea due to its superior comfort and versatility to accommodate all sleeping positions with adjustable height and firmness for the best neck posture. If there is truly a “one pillow satisfies most”, this is it. It is more of an all around comfort pillow rather than a specific neck pain type pillow. Take out the center memory foam and it is great for kids too. Top it off with the clean nature of the materials used that everyone will appreciate. I usually do not recommend pillows as gifts because it is a very personal item and often measurement is necessary; however, this one is an exception and one I would recommend.

Egg Crate Pillow Plus Features

The memory foam offers a superior reacting convoluted egg crate insert for great neck and head support with the memory foam core, which is softer and more reactive than than foam. The removable insert core is surrounded by very special coated microfibers. The fiber is soft, and moldable to your own level of comfort. It does not clump or shift. Imagine the unique egg crate support surrounded by the feel of down, yet no allergens, odors or sharp feather ends.

The memory foam insert is reactive, yet supportive and the microfiber are made of strands that are siliconized, allowing them to glide over and around each other for a moldable, uniform and consistent fill that will not flatten with time.

The standard has a 300 thread count cotton cover, while the gel option uses a special Tencel cover to enhance the cooling effect by helping regulate temperature. A great design called the convolution, but we like to call it the egg crate pillow plus – for obvious reasons.

egg create pillow

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