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Cervical Neck Pillow Uses Firm Therapeutic Foam With A Soft Egg Create Surface For Support, Comfort & Air Flow. Measures 22.5 x 16 x 4.

This Cervical Pillow Is Very Popular For Its Combination Of Support And Comfort And Makes A Great First Neck Pillow. It Has A Lightweight Air-Flow Design, Providing An Alternative To Memory Foam Pillows.

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The Cervical Neck Pillow Uses Therapeutic Foam With A Soft Egg Create Top For Support, Comfort & Air Flow

The Cervical Neck Pillow provides maximum support for the head, neck and shoulders, which can help reduce the pain that comes from sleeping on soft pillows without adequate neck support. The convoluted egg crate foam reduces pressure point discomfort and increases air flow, providing a cooler night’s rest.

This cervical pillow is very popular for its combination of support and comfort and makes a great first neck pillow. It has a lightweight air-flow design, providing an alternative to memory foam pillows.

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Cervical Pillow Details

This is a very popular pillow and is well tolerated and gets you on the road to better spinal health. Many contour pillows use memory foam, which can be hot and heavy to maneuver for some. What are the alternatives in a good cervical pillow? Regardless of design, fancy covers and open or closed cell construction, a property of memory foam is it retains heat. The foam used in this pillow has a core of therapeutic foam that supports the neck with gentle contours to maintain better sleeping posture.

The top egg crate foam makes this pillow very comforting and cooling. Many pillows use this type of topper to reduce pressure points over a firm pillow. While this does help to improve comfort of a firm pillow, using a softer and gentler foam core allows the egg crate topper of the pillow to provide an extra measure of comfort for those who have sensitive conditions like arthritis or disc degeneration, yet still offer sound ergonomic support and correction.

With an egg crate design that is often searched for, this cervical pillow makes an affordable and great first pillow for those who are looking to obtain relief from aches and pains, morning neck stiffness, muscle spasms, tension and arthritis, while helping to restore the natural cervical curve of your neck during sleep and rest. Light enough and easily handled to be used as a neck support in your favorite recliner or to take when sleeping over or on vacation to ensure your neck will not suffer.

This is proof that a cervical neck pillow does not have to be very expensive to be both comfortable and effective. How can this be? Well, quality materials to start and then a no-frills cotton/poly blend cover. They don’t make a fancy, thick, plush cover with pretty writing; your neck doesn’t care about that. This saves you money and makes the pillow more affordable. Most people will want to use their own cover to match their own decor anyway, plus the pillow speaks for itself as it does not need a thick, plush cover to make it more comfortable or to hide inferior quality materials.

The pillow is for both back and side sleeping and designed for maximum rest with great cervical support.

By supporting your head and neck in a proper sleeping posture, the cervical neck pillow can help relieve pain from neck injuries and prevent airway blockage (a major cause of snoring). Most people experience an increase in sleeping comfort using this cervical pillow within a couple of days. Although it may require up to two weeks before the neck muscles adjust to their proper position, most say this is a very easy pillow to get used to.

May help in relief of: tension related headaches, neck muscle and joint sprains and strains, neck stiffness, whiplash injuries and arthritis.

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