Alternating Pressure Wheelchair Cushion


Essential solution for pain relief caused by prolonged sitting on wheelchair, mobility aids, office chair, car & truck driver seat. Alternating air cells redistribute weight, providing maximum comfort while reducing pressure on the coccyx/tailbone and sit bones.

1 year guarantee on cushion and pump.

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Alternating Pressure Wheelchair Cushion

An alternating pressure wheelchair cushion can help relieve constant pressure from the seat which decreases blood flow essential for delivering oxygen and other nutrients to tissues. Without these essential nutrients, skin and underlying tissues can be damaged and may eventually die.

For those with limited mobility and spending long periods in a wheelchair, this kind of pressure happens in areas that lie over a bone, such as the spine, pelvis and tailbone. Friction occurs as skin rubs against clothing or the seat surface. It can make skin that is fragile more vulnerable to injury, especially if there is moisture.

alternating pressure wheelchair cushion

Shearing happens when two surfaces move in opposite directions. You may slide down the seat and as the tailbone or sit bones on the pelvis moves down, the skin overlying may stay in place, pulling in the opposite direction. Between the pressure, friction and shearing, sores may develop that can be painful, difficult to heal and may have more serious implications.

An alternating pressure wheelchair cushion uses air filled sacs that inflate and deflate sequentially to relieve pressure. It is often employed in hospital beds and this type of cushion can be a solution for pain relief due to prolonged sitting on a wheelchair. Our special wheelchair headrest allows sitting for long periods, thus it is essential to incorporate a pressure relief seat cushion for comfort and protection from skin sores.

It is a specialized device for pressure redistribution designed for management of tissue loads, micro-climate,
and/or other therapeutic functions and can be conforming and reduce contact pressures by increasing the surface area in contact with the individual, or mechanical e.g. alternating pressure.[1]

This professional unit uses alternating air cells that redistribute weight providing maximum comfort and reducing pressure on tissues. There is a powerful rechargeable battery operated pump providing 12 hours of use. The compact size pump with carry bag allows you to take it everywhere you need.

It can also be used for other mobility aids as well as office chairs and car & truck seats. There is an alternating mode for pressure redistribution and also a static mode for general use and variable pressure setting based on your personal preference. A visual and audible low pressure and low battery alarm increases safety. It uses a 4 way stretch cover that is fluid resistant with low shear force and vapor permeable to protect skin from friction and moisture.

The alternating pressure wheelchair cushion has 5 comfort level settings. It is great help for pressure sores. Complications of pressure ulcers include: Cellulitis which is an infection of the skin and connected soft tissues. Bone and joint infections. Septic arthritis can damage cartilage and tissue. Bone infections can reduce the function of joints and limbs. Long term, non-healing wounds can develop into a type of squamous cell carcinoma.

Redistributing pressure can reduce the chance of pressure ulcers developing when compared with surfaces that apply a constant pressure to the skin; and are made of foam or gel.[2]. This pressure relief seat cushion molds around the shape of the body to distribute weight over a larger area with constant low pressure or vary the pressure mechanically, which reduces the duration of the pressure applied with sequential inflation and deflation of air filled cells and is likely to be more effective than standard cushions.[3]


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