Pillow Science Latest Advances In Pillows

Pillow Science – Latest Technology In Pillows

Science has engineered what is possibly the coolest, most comfortable pillow ever produced. Using a proprietary blend of encapsulated phase change materials and combining it with new graphite infusion and ventilation provides an exceptionally comfortable and cool memory foam pillow through pillow science.

The most advance cooling technology in pillows is here! This provides a truly remarkable and new level of relief for those who sleep hot, suffer from hot flashes, and need a conforming, comfortable pillow that keeps injured neck tissues cool to help reduce inflammation. This new technology promotes a better night’s sleep and healing properties for better recovery of acute conditions like whiplash of flare-ups of arthritis.

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The phase change material is encapsulated on the top layer of memory foam and transfers heat away from the head and neck. The infused graphite on the bottom portion provides channels to pull the transferred heat away from the top layer into the bottom layer. The process occurs continually to maintain cooling throughout the night. Further advanced with cool venting throughout the pillow. The memory foam provides traditional shape conforming properties, while refraining from heat build-up common to standard memory foams.

If you are looking for a new pillow, see what the latest advances in science have produced. This is a wonderfully comfortable pillow with properties of no other pillow currently on the market. Regardless of desire for cooling comfort, conforming memory foam or therapeutic properties for neck pain relief, this pillow delivers. Queen size at 16 inches by 29 inches, with a height/loft of 6 inches. It is a bed pillow that not only feels great, but looks great too!

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While some use pillow technology that has been around for centuries, like buckwheat hulls or feathers, new pillow science takes us into the 21st Century with an advanced space age foam that leaves the others behind.

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