Pillow For Side Sleepers

Pillow For Side Sleepers Require Special Features

A pillow for side sleepers helps reduce head, neck and jaw pressure with various materials. Side sleepers require additional height to accommodate the shoulder. If the pillow is too low, neck strain and shoulder pain can result. This leads to tossing and turning and a poor night’s sleep as well as increased pain

A particular angle between your head and shoulder relaxes muscles and offers a neutral spinal alignment that side sleepers need. Unique performance in height and shoulder cradles are designed to minimize head, neck and jaw pressure, snoring loudly as well as sleeplessness. This means improved blood flow to the facial skin tissue while sleeping, reducing the propensity for face tissue to wrinkle.

Special shoulder contours can be achieved with design regarding angling and contouring to afford an acute angle between your head, neck and shoulder while sleeping on your side. You will encounter substantial enhancement in your spinal positioning between the neck and back. The shoulder accommodation and height can reduce the body weight impact on the shoulders, improving blood flow to the arms. There is also enhanced oxygenation and most cpap pillows conform to this design for that reason.

The soft and high density foam combination lightly cradles the face, lessens stress on the jaw as well as ear, delivering complete comfort to the facial area. The quality of foam considerably decreases the unwanted side effects associated with pressure. When your head forms into the face support, the memory foam is going to gently conform to your personal anatomy.

pillow for side sleepers

Options for materials are latex, foam, memory foam, and fiber. This gives you options regarding firmness and material preference. Space-age memory foam can be machined or shredded and will immediately adjust to your body heat as well as head weight as your head and neck become stable in its resting position. Any time equalization head weight with spinal alignment and the suppleness of the memory foam is obtained, your head and neck posture will be ultimately arranged with your spinal column, providing great support, comfort and relief. More important facts about cervical pillows.

The correct height is key. Often, a good pillow for side sleepers will be available in various heights or have and adjustable component to achieve the correct height. Adjustable ones are good for accommodating any antalgic posture to relieve nerve pressure from a pinched nerve or herniated disc. This allows a good night’s sleep with painful neck conditions.

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Pillow For Side Sleepers Details:

  • Decrease pressure points on the jaw and ear
  • Shoulder cut-out for optimal alignment
  • Decreases shoulder area tension and increases the flow of blood into the arms
  • Encourages proper breathing and reduce heavy snoring
  • Optimum support for the head, neck, and shoulders in side sleeping position

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