Neck Pain Disability

Neck Pain Disability – Copenhagen Neck Functional Scale

neck pain disabilityThis is a neck functional disability questionnaire based on the Copenhagen Functional Scale and can be used to evaluate the experience of those with neck pain. The answers can be monitored over time to evaluate the course of neck pain and response to any type of interventions or treatments. It is particularly useful for long term monitoring of chronic neck pain.

Disability due to neck pain must be documented with objective findings: x-rays, mri findings, orthopedic and neurological tests ect… The questionnaire should be filled out and graded by your doctor to document your subjective findings. The combination of all findings form your overall condition regarding your neck pain. The purpose of this form is to give you an idea of the subjective qualifications for neck pain disability.

The questionnaire consists of 15 questions relating to activity, pain levels, headache, ability to sleep, concentration, work and leisure activities and psychosocial factors.

1. SECTION 1 – Can you sleep at night without neck pain interfering?


2. SECTION 2 – Can you manage daily activities without neck pain reducing activity levels?


3. SECTION 3 – Can you manage daily activities without help from others?


4. SECTION 4 – Can you manage putting on your clothes in the morning without taking more time than usual?


5. SECTION 5 – Can you bend over the washing basin in order to brush your teeth without getting neck pain?


6. SECTION 6 – Do you spend more time than usual at home because of neck pain?


7. SECTION 7 – Are you prevented from lifting objects weighing from 2-4 kilograms due to neck pain?


8. SECTION 8 – Have you reduced your reading activity due to neck pain?


9. SECTION 9 – Have you been bothered by headaches during the time that you have had neck pain?


10. SECTION 10 – Do you feel your ability to concentrate is reduced due to neck pain?


11. SECTION 11 – Are you prevented from participating in your usual leisure time activities due to neck pain?


12. SECTION 12 – Do you remain in bed longer than usual due to neck pain?


13. SECTION 13 – Do you feel that neck pain has influenced your emotional relationship with your nearest family?


14. SECTION 14 – Have you had to give up social contact with other people during the past two weeks due to neck pain?


15. SECTION 15 – Do you feel that neck pain will influence your future?


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Interpretation: minimum score: 0 | maximum score: 30 | The higher the score the greater the disability. Results divided into: mild | moderate | severe.

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This scale demonstrates excellent practicality and reliability, accurately reflecting perceptions regarding functional status and pain as well as an aid to the doctor’s global assessment and is responsive to change over long periods of time. The scalable version is a valuable tool for the assessment of neck pain in clinical trials, quality of care studies, and information for your care.

References: Jordan A Manniche C et al. The Copenhagen Functional Disability Scale: A study of reliability and validity. J Manipulative Physiological Therapeutics. 1998; 21: 520-527.

We also have a Neck Disability Index in an online questionnaire designed to help understand how much your neck pain has affected your ability to manage everyday activities. This is also a working form to get immediate results.

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