Microbead Pillow


Cloud microbead pillow uses millions of air beads for a cloud-like firmness that is lightweight, comfortable and provides ergonomic support for the cervical spine.

microbead pillow

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A Unique And Comfortable Microbead Pillow That Is Light & Cooling With Conforming Properties For The Head And Neck

This pillow features air cushioning and motion isolating microbeads for a lightweight pillow that is responsive to your anatomy due to the freely moving nature of the microbeads that will allow superior head and neck support. The microbead pillow feels like your head and neck is comforted by a cloud.

There are two important things looking into a microbead support pillow; 1) Construction – this is made to last and the beads won’t spill out. 2) Ergonomics – for proper side sleeping positioning.

Millions of airy microbeads make this pillow very unique. They mold to your contours in a way that others do not and provide a great solution to neck pain when other pillows have failed. These beads permit air flow offering a cooler option than memory foam and even fiber based pillows. They feel soft and squishy, butt the air beads do not lose their shape or break down, offering a unique solution to uncomfortable hard pillow to provide firm support.

microbead pillow

A wonderful microbead pillow with great properties. Like a buckwheat pillow, it shapes and molds around your specific anatomy and the beads are light, airy and move around to settle in the perfect position. Well, this is like a super buckwheat pillow because you get a similar feel, but with smoother motion, is much lighter, no dust and no bugs!

The microbeads isolate your head and neck to help reduce turning and tossing during the night. Airflow is maximized to stay cool on hot nights and is a great pillow for women with hot flashes and, unlike a buckwheat pillow, it is light and easy to move, because the last thing you need is to be fighting to position your pillow.

These are really special cloud microbeads that we call nanobeads. It provides a firm support, yet is reactive to your unique shape and curves. This allows you to get the most of firm support. Most firm support pillows are a bit uncomfortable and you really have to conform to the pillow. This can cause additional muscle spasm. With the microbead pillow, the smooth symmetrical nanobeads glide freely to accommodate more sensitive muscles and maximize benefits of a firm pillow supporting the cervical spine naturally.

Because buckwheat hulls are odd shaped, coarse and dusty, the cloud pillow allows a thinner cover with more stretch and more comfort. The support is nice, combining the benefits of firm support with the water pillow like motion that reacts to your changing position, but without the mess and heavy weight. When you lay your head on it, the microbeads are displaced by the weight of your head and that weight is evenly distributed on the special structure of the internal pillow case.

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Stephen Ornstein, D.C. has treated thousands of neck, shoulder and back conditions since graduating Sherman Chiropractic College in 1987 and during his involvement in Martial Arts. He holds certifications as a Peer Review Consultant from New York Chiropractic College, Physiological Therapeutics from National Chiropractic College, Modic Antibiotic Spinal Therapy from Dr. Hanne Albert, PT., MPH., Ph.D., Myofascial Release Techniques from Logan Chiropractic College, and learned Active Release Technique from the founder, P. Michael Leahy, DC, ART, CCSP.