Cervical Support Pillow Cover


Replacement Cover For Cervical Support Pillow, The Unique Pillow That Supports Sleep In Any Position Requires A Special Fitted Cover For Protection & To Expand Pillow Life.

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Cervical Support Pillow Cover

The cervical support pillow is a unique pillow that accommodates sleeping in any position. As such, it requires a custom fitted cover to protect it. The foam version comes with a cover, however, the fiber version does not.

The cover can be used as for the uncovered fiber version should you choose to get one after purchase of the uncovered pillow. However, the fiber pillow has a higher loft due to the nature of the fill. The cover will fit, however, it will be very tight. We can not cover a torn one for a fiber pillow because a standard large cover is recommended.

We have put covers on the fiber version and they work well, however, we stopped doing this because people would complain that the cover was to hard to replace or would tear when replacing. So, if you get one, you should take your time putting it on the fiber version, making sure not to let it tear at the zipper. The large lobes should go in first. Once on, it does well, but extreme care must be taking putting it on and/or washing and replacing.

The foam version cover has plenty of room inside the pillow due to it’s uniform structure. The fiber version however fits tight as the pillow is fluffier and more variable. It will compress as fiber does, but care should be taken in putting on the fiber version cover so that the zipper edges to not tear.

This is also something to keep in mind when laundering the cover. Both versions, care should be taken regarding shrinkage. However, where the foam version has room, the fiber does not. Therefore, when washing the cover, it should be done by hand and allowed to air dry.

Putting On The Cervical Support Pillow Cover

Again, putting the cover on the fiber pillow should be done with care. Since the fiber is compressible, the two longer ends can be put in first. Take your time allowing the pillow to be carefully pulled into the top areas. The pillow can then be turned the other way and pulled over the lower portion. Time should be taken to make sure the pillow is compressed nicely inside the cover prior to zipping.

When zipping, make sure this is done slowly so that you can re-adjust the fiber in the pillow if it seems too tight.

After the cover is on, you can adjust the pillow to make sure the fiber is fluffed and spread even inside the cover by pressing and pushing. If you need, open the cover and work the pillow into the edges to spread more evenly.

You can see that the cover when used on the fiber version should not be washed so that it will shrink.

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