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A system for complete comfort, relaxation and relief of pain from poor posture related to watching TV or reading in bed. The full system provides a zero gravity position to help relieve strain and tension, allowing muscles and ligaments in the neck and back region to relax. 1″ memory foam top.

Four pieces that work together in harmony to bolster and support your body for ergonomic comfort while in bed.

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The Bed Wedge Pillow Can Help With Better Posture & Comfort

A complete bed wedge pillow system uses a foam base with a 1 inch memory foam topping for extra comfort. If you read or watch TV in bed, a single pillow or piling up pillows can place strain on the neck. Night after night, this can lead to neck problems and frustration in finding a comfortable position.

The Wedge Pillow System is a versatile ergonomic positioning system with four pieces working in harmony to provide the ultimate comfort,
comfort, relaxation and relief of pain from poor posture related to watching TV or reading in bed.

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The Full Body Wedge Pillow System provides a zero gravity position to help relieve lower back strain and tension, allowing muscles and ligaments in lumbar region to relax. We know how important proper ergonomics is when sitting and standing for spinal health. This also applies to pillows when sleeping. This system is ergonomically designed for those who like to lay in bed and read or watch TV.

(Back Rest) 28.5 L x 24 W x 8 H. (Knee Rest) 18 L x 24 W x 6 H. (Head Rest) 9.5 L x 24 W x 4 H. (Back Cradle) 13 L x 24 W x 10 H

The Bed Wedge Pillow

This is a versatile memory foam wedge pillow system and it can help with both back and neck pain. Easily adjustable, you not only have the advantage of an adjustable neck roll, the wedge pillow can be used in different reclining positions for your needs. A great solution for people that spend a lot of time in bed reading and/or watching TV, it also features soft and breathable micro-velvet fabric covers that can be easily removed and are machine washable

In addition to helping with neck and back pain, the wedge pillow can also help with breathing problems, poor circulation, hiatal hernia and acid indigestion or reflux. It can also be used for nursing.

It provides firm, yet comfortable support and you should plan to have some room to store it when not in use. There is available clean, healthy foam without harsh chemicals and it is made in the USA. Perfect math between supportive foam for a structural base and premium 4 pound density memory foam as a topper.

There are many wedge pillows that use a soft foam with a triangular shape and do not provide sufficient support. This is not a cheap wedge product and it has the advantage of providing support for the neck and back curves with its unique, ergonomic design.

The Leg Wedge Pillow

The leg wedge pillow portion helps to create a zero gravity bed wedge system to keep your neck in good posture and take pressure off the lower back. If you are looking for a way to be more comfortable in bed while reading magazines, books, newspapers and watching TV, stacking pillows can be very frustrating, changing them when they shift out of position or when you get up, this is a great solution.

The wedge pillow with memory foam has several health benefits. It is ergonomically designed and provides the ultimate in comfort and support.

The wedge pillow system offers unique support as well as comfort. Orthopedically constructed to assist in alleviation of individuals who suffer from breathing problems, circulatory issues, hiatal hernias, acid reflux and back/neck difficulties. The combination produces a system of wedging pillows that form a position known as zero gravity, which aids in eliminating strain and stress on the spine.

Additional Uses

Some use as a post-surgery solution to sleep in bed. While this might work for some, I personally do not recommend it for shoulder surgery. I have has 2 shoulder surgeries and would not use this. The best solution is a recliner; it is more stable, easier to get in and out of, and adjusts better.

After surgery, you are most likely on pain medications that can have side effects that make you unstable. The last thing you want is to fall out of bed. A recliner is much more stable and requires less set up and adjusting. Using a simple travel pillow and the standard one arm adjusting; I could get in and out easily and quickly, sleep, use ice, and keep the brace and arm in the proper position.

So, based on these factors, I can’t recommend it for shoulder surgery. That does not mean it won’t be a solution for some. This is a perfect bed wedge pillow system and should be used for that purpose.

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