Petite-Core Neck Pillow – Pillow For Children

Petite-Core Neck Pillow For Children

The Petite-Core neck pillow is especially made for children. Children need good neck support when they sleep. Often we do not pay attention to how children sleep and this can lead to poor posture habits as they grow.

Petite-Core Neck Pillow is specially sized to help children get relief from headaches and neck pain

  • Measures 9 inches by 12 inches
  • Like the larger and mid size version, the petitie-core neck pillow for children uses support for the neck in both side and back sleeping positions to help keep the neck aligned correctly. Typical pillows do not allow for the extra height of the shoulder when side sleeping, so there is a special indentation in the center for back sleeping, and the side sections are raised for support in the side position.

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    This allows for better cervical spine alignment and head-neck-shoulder posture when sleeping in either position. You should teach your child the correct way to sleep on the pillow, placing the head on the correct section of the pillow according to their positioning. This takes some getting used to, but once accommodated, it becomes natural.

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    The best neck support pillow for children delivers gentle support that will last better than standard pillows. Forget the funny animal shaped pillows, the petite-core uses a trapezoid shape for the center position which offers wonderful orthopedic benefits by supporting the head for back sleeping and completely supporting the neck in either back or side sleeping position.

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    2 distinct size lobes supply superior fit a variety of sized sleepers. Side sleeping sections are higher regarding side sleeping. Great durability fiber comes back whenever compacted for outstanding ease and comfort as well as durability. Combined cotton cover is actually breathable as well as soft to feel. Will fit a typical standard size pillow case.

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    Additional Sizes: Tri-Core Neck Pillow | Mid-Core Neck Pillow

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