Kids Neck Pillow – Cervical Pillows For Children

A Kids Neck Pillow Can Help With Cervical Spine Problems Or Just Provide A Better Night’s Sleep

Finding pillows for kids can be a mess. Typical fancy design cover pillows are usually of poor quality and made to attract attention. A neck pillow designed for kids that is sized correctly to ensure proper support and comfort for young children and even small adults can make a difference, and we have some solutions for a kids neck pillow.

kids neck pillow

Types Of Neck Pillows For Kids

Children deserve proper neck support and it is hard to find a quality pillow for kids. Most very young children do not need to be concerned about a pillow until the shoulders grow to a sufficient width to bring biomechanics in play. Just like adult pillows, kids pillows come in 2 different designs; one more orthopedic or therapeutic in nature, employing separate areas for back and side sleeping, and the other a uniform surface. Similarly, this will depend on whether your child has actual neck problems, and consideration for how your child sleeps.

The first 2 pillows we will look at use the separate section for back and side sleeping. This requires a more deliberate position change. Very good if your child has neck pain or issues; just as adults, he or she will tend to be more conscious of changing positions. Kids who suffer an accident from a car crash or sport injury will fall into this category, as well as some who have certain pain related medical disorders can benefit from a kids neck pillow.

Orthopedic/Therapeutic Kids Neck Pillow

The Small Neck Pillow is a popular fiber based pillow that has a special shaped center portion for back sleeping, and the side portions are for side sleeping. It is a comfortable antimicrobial fiber with a soft cover. It is the small version of the neck pillow which comes in 3 sizes. It is sometimes beneficial to helps children get used to using a new pillow when Mom or Dad are using the same pillow, so our kids pillows have adult and child sizes.

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As you can see, separate back and side sleeping sections.

The Therapeutic Pillow Kids Size is a foam based orthopedic pillow that incorporates an upper back support. This is one of our most popular pillows for adults with neck pain, and it also comes in a small child size. Again, notice the separate sections. Don’t be put off by this, it is not as difficult as it sounds, just takes some getting used to. So, there is more of an adjustment or break in period with this type of pillow, however, it performs very well for pain relief and correction of posture.

therapeutic neck pillow for children

Other Popular Kids Neck Pillows

A memory foam pillow can be very comforting to a child. It is important that it is not too firm and full of harmful chemicals. This Memory Foam Pillow uses a very soft gel type foam that reacts like memory foam, but is cooler and softer. It has a 3 and 4 inch side and the 3 inch will compress nicely and it can be grown into as your child gets older, just flip it around and use the larger side.

kids memory foam pillow

Another special memory foam pillow for kids is the Swedish Designed Kids Pillow. It is a soft pillow with a special orthopedic design and a cover that kids love. It is one of the higher cost pillows, but a very good one. In the price range, this, and the therapeutic are the most expensive, but are the best.

swedish kids pillow

Chiropractic Kids Pillow

Last, but not least, is the Chiropractic Kids Pillow which uses a combination foam and fiber. It provides and ergonomic design tested over the years and trusted by Chiropractors. If your child has ear problems, this can be a good solutions with its foam neck support and soft, airy fiber center.

chiropratcic kids pillow

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