Double Core Select Pillow

Double Core Select Pillow

Choose the support that meets your needs. By using easy to change, color coded, foam insert cores, this Double Core Select Pillow is among the most adaptable polyurethane foam pillow that can be found. As you become comfortable with each individual lobe you will want a more firm support in optimal progression.

Get started with the grey colored foam insert core, which is the softest and most adaptive, and then progressively work your way as high as the gold colored foam insertable core, which is the firmest and most supporting. Conveniently select the degree of support you needed without the need of switching pillows. Will fit a standard pillow case. Machine washable cotton/polyester cover provided.

22″ By 16″ With 4″ Height Support Lobes.

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The suitable pillow to minimize neck problems as well as enhance relaxation was a gentle, not too high pillow along with encouragement for the appropriate neck position coming from a selection of cores providing varying levels of firmness.

Double Core Select Pillow Details

The thing that makes this particular pillow special is the 4 different rounded foam core inserts which you can easily place in the actual supporting lobes, enabling you to choose the amount of support to apply. Selecting based on colors permits you to steadily adapt from the soft support to a more firmer support.

double core select pillow

You can actually position 2 on both sides, changing edges to advance, and then exchanging using the different 2 while you go from a softer support, intended for delicate neck conditions along with initial phases of injury recuperation, into a more firm support, intended to rehabilitate the all-natural neck contour. This enables you to customize the support amount when your problem improves. Doing well using the firm support core and get an acute flare up, not a problem, simply change the support to a softer foam core insert for a couple evenings and change when you feel better, without needing to get a new pillow!

Employing top quality polyurethane foam, it isn’t just extremely versatile, it is also sturdy and can survive quite a few years. Almost all foam based pillows tend to breakdown over time, depending on how they are utilized. Now, it is possible to compensate for this degrading with the addition of more firm support as time passes to make the pillow endure longer.

A Clinical Trial in the Journal of Manipulative & Physiological Therapeutics tested pillows and found that a pillow including two firmer supporting cores for neck support received the best rating. The authors recommend a cervial pillow as a part of treatment for neck pain.

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