Core Memory Foam Pillow

Core Memory Foam Pillow

The core memory foam pillow can do wonderful things for your neck, shoulders and back. In contrast to various other pillows, it can conform to your shapes and curves of your body along with providing you with added support for your neck and head in any sleeping posture. It is not just ease and comfort which you experience when sleeping, the difference is able to experienced as soon as you awaken. To obtain a considerably better night of sleeping, consider the original core memory foam pillow from

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A Mid size is actually proportioned intended for smaller sized adults and teens using 19 and a Half inches by 14 inches along with 3 inch and also 4 inch edges. The Full size selection uses 19 and a Half inches by 12 inches along with 4 inch and also 5 inch edges. Each one will fit a standard pillow case and also includes a luxurious cloth cover that is washable by machine.

The pillows use a high density memory foam, so it is not very soft, it is more firm than traditional memory foam pillows. However, the offering of a mid size means if you are smaller, you don’t have to be uncomfortable with a pillow that is too large.

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Temperature receptive materials conforms to the precise body shape in order to uniformly disperse bodyweight as well as tension. Each and pillow was created and formed to correctly position the neck as well as spinal column while you sleeping in order to provide enhanced comfort through the night along with increased neck and back ease and comfort throughout the day.

You’ll be able to rest easy. This core memory foam pillow coming from NeckSolutions is ideal for just about any sleeping placement, having deluxe memory foam which helps reduce pressure points within the face, head, shoulders and neck and in addition re-positions by itself throughout the night because it reacts to the changes in your posture.

Select the pillow side that most closely fits your body contour to get a more natural positioning of your neck and back. An effective sleep position and comfort tend to be key to getting a solid evening of sleeping so you’re able to awaken rejuvenated as well as attentive. A high quality memory core provides lavish support which conforms to match your distinctive shape as the pillow’s anatomic design lines up your head as well as neck to ensure correct sleep position.

The pillow was established to support your head and also neck and also encourage easier sleeping and better vertebral placement. The specially formulated memory foam contours to the spine and helping to minimize pressure points that induce pain and discomfort.

Memory Foam Pillow Benefits

Produced from materials which was initially developed by NASA, this pillow is manufactured from uniquely processed polyurethane that is designed to maintain it’s preliminary form after a evening of use. A significant advantage of the space-age foam pillow is it is very supporting, rendering it a great choice for those who have neck and/or back difficulties. The visco elastic foam pillow is an particularly good choice with regard to side sleeping, because it doesn’t result in your face sinking into it as with fiber as well as down pillows.

The memory foam pillow is more protected from dust mites compared to various other types for the reason that dust mites will likely not feed on memory foam. Additionally, memory foam is hypoallergenic as well as antimicrobial.

A 2019 study in Health SA found the addition of a memory foam pillow provided increased benefits than those undergoing chiropractic treatment alone for chronic neck pain.

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