The Wrap Around Body Pillow Is “C” Shaped In Design With A Super Soft Down Alternative, Hypoallergenic Fill & Soft, Removable Bamboo Cover

For pregnancy relief or just better comfort and support, the body pillow will envelope the entire body, creating soft head, neck, back and belly support, while keeping the spine and hips in great alignment, taking up 6 standard pillows in one superior body pillow.

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wrap around body pillow

Comes with a Super Soft Bamboo Velour Cover & Measures 52″ by 28″ by 7″ – Product Weight: 5.8 lbs

Why A Wrap Around Body Pillow?

With it’s ergonomic c-shaped design, this body pillow will follow the body’s natural contours to help ease sleeping discomfort and maximize comfort and a feeling of cozy security. It is especially helpful for pregnant women that require extra support and comfort, but can be used by anyone who desires a superior quality pillow for comfort. Yes you can get the basic design at many places, but do not sacrifice exceptional support and comfort with customized support without using multiple pillows.

hypo-allergenic down alternative filling

What Makes The Down Alternative Fill So Special?

Down alternative says it all; the clean, fresh comforting and cooling feel of down, without the dust, odor, allergies and pointy quills that can push through the cover and stick you. This is a very sft and breathable fill that does not shift around to make you constantly fluff and change positions, yet the microfiber fill is pliable, molding and positioned for a perfect fit. Down can flatten over time, but this is a soft body pillow that will maintain the same support every night.

The fill is a special Gelled Microfiber, which is a great solution alternative providing the traditional down feel. The microfiber strands are coated with silicon that produce the soft down like feel and easily glide over each other creating a modlable, uniform feel and exceptional comfort.

What About The Cover?

In order to make this a superior quality body pillow, we use a washable, removable, zippered bamboo cover that keeps it clean, comfortable and fresh. It is luxuriously soft rayon from bamboo that is temperature regulating, moisture wicking and easy to remove for washing.

Wrap Around Ergonomics

c shape pregnancy pillow in use

The ergonomic “C” shape design is often employed as a superior design for support during pregnancy as a maternity pillow to fit the shape of a boy that need superior support and comfort. It will replace multiple pillows used to bunch up with just one ultra soft body pillow for the entire body and belly support for special maternity comfort. You get a customized support, adding to the ergonomic design during pregnancy. The versatile shape conforms to both sides of the body to create soft support and maternity relief in multiple sleeping positions. Zippered cover is incredibly soft and can be removed for laundering.

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