Vertical Wheelchair Headrest Hardware Uses Flush Mounting & A Eight Inch Stainless Steel Upright

When you just need a flush mount and adjustments for up and down, the vertical wheelchair headrest hardware is all you need to mount your choice of headrest. Very easy to install and even easier to adjust. The construction is stainless steel and measures eight inches in length.

vertical wheelchair headrest hardware

Vertical Headrest Hardware: $79.99
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  • Vertical adjustment only
  • Mounts flush with rear of back
  • Stainless steel upright is 2″ wide, and comes with the receiver mounting bracket
  • Used with Flat, Soft, or Molded headrest pads – Sold Separately

hardware features

Step 1: Attach the Mounting Bracket and matching Spacer to the chair with the 4 button head screws and washers provided. Step 2: Attach your headrest pad (not included) to the Stainless Steel Upright with the 3 cap screws provided. Step 3: Adjust the headrest pad to the desired vertical position and and tighten the Knob.

A simple hardware for simple needs. High in quality, low in price. Allows attachment of a basic headrest to hard back wheelchair, providing a simple headrest to avoid user fatigue and improve posture. Not many ways to go wrong here. The simplest of mounting solutions. The amount of vertical adjustment depends on how it is set up. You will not have any horizontal adjustments, so the headrest you choose is basically flush to the back of the chair.

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