Our Travel Water Filled Pillow Is The Perfect Neck Solution When On Vacation Or On The Road

The travel water filled pillow has a design that is clinically proven to reduce neck pain intensity, disability and increase pain relief, quality and duration of sleep and overall satisfaction for neck pain sufferers.

Travel Water Filled PillowUsing a thermal insulator to completely encase the water layer, the travel pillow prevents loss of body heat from the head, neck and shoulders.

The water filled pouch is secured to the base of the travel pillow providing a responsive and personal level of head and neck support. The instructions are easy to follow and show just how much water to fill for soft, medium and firm support. Uses ordinary tap water with no chemical additives. The water pouch can be emptied and refilled with any tap water. Very durable and easily withstands the rigors of traveling without leaking.

The travel pillow adapts to your particular shape and size and provides the perfect solution to unfamiliar pillows used in motels!

Studies proving effectiveness of the water filled pillow from the Department of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation and Department of Neurology, The Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine. Don’t lose the gains made with your water pillow by accepting inferior pillows on the road when you can have the water pillow advantage when you travel!

Reduced morning pain intensity, increased pain relief, and improve quality of sleep with the water filled travel pillowThe water filled travel pillow has the ability to conform to the position and shape of your head and neck without fluffing, inflating or turning. As the soft fiber in the pillow is compressed by the head and neck, it transfers this weight to the water filled support pouch. This water in the travel pillow then redistributes the weight of the head and neck as you change sleep positions. The movement between the head and the water pouch is also dampened by the hypoallergenic, soft fiber.

The Travel Water Filled Pillow measures 13½” x 21″ and features a layer of super soft, hypoallergenic fiber over top of the water layer and provides outstanding comfort and support to maintain neck pain relief anywhere you go.

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