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Pain relief with home neck traction; lets see some proof how this works and how it can change your life.

This review documents thirty six individuals having neck pain, managed with the home neck traction device – an inflatable system broadly utilized with numerous records connected with clinical success.

Sixty six people experiencing neck pain without or with headache or arm symptoms had been investigated. Thirty had been dismissed since they either didn’t have substantial x-ray issues or highly developed degenerative alterations in which the spinal vertebrae had been fused. Twenty six were women and ten were men from eighteen to sixty five years old.

Omitted within the research were: prior neck surgical treatment, spine injury inside the prior Six months, people using pacemakers as well as inserted electronic devices, people having significant health problems as well as carrying a child.

Following preliminary background, specific physical as well as neurological examination and also comprehensive x-rays of the neck. Virtually all thirty six people had substantial posture and/or degenerative disc changes.

They went through measurements involving motion ranges, pain level scores, MRI involving the neck, twenty minute therapy using the home neck traction device as well as an additional MRI just after the therapy.

All thirty six received a home neck traction device to utilize and were instructed to apply Three to Five times each week at home. Following 30 days, every person was called regarding follow-up assessment involving pain level, consistency of application as well as remarks.

Home Neck Traction

Prior – Note the back buckling of the neck at the large arrow, disc bulging or protrusion in the spinal cord area at the arrows, compressing of the disc as well as loss of fluid, notably at the back buckling indicated as a flat disc space and also stair-stepping at the C5-6 level.

During – Note the reversed back buckling at the large arrow, disc bulging/protrusions decreased from 3 to 6, which have significantly expanded, looking much thicker and lighter as well as re-hydrated with fluid with stair-stepping reduced. Arrow pointing to disc not in range of applied traction, which is still protruding.

Outcome following a twenty minute session:

From the preliminary MRI study, changes were noted as follows for 34 individuals. Due to motion, 2 individuals poor quality MRI studies.

1 or more decreased disc bulges


Disc hydration increase


Spinal cord space increased


Greater curve in neck


Changes in stress lines


Stair-stepping changes


No change visible


Of thirty three called, six hadn’t utilized the home neck traction for a variety of factors “mainly too busy”. Of the twenty four reporting benefits:

Pain scores, on the average, showed a decrease from 5/10 to 2.2/10, indicating a 56 percent pain decrease.

Preliminary forward motion of the neck improved by an average 6 degrees as well as backward motion of the neck with an average improvement of 10 degrees.

Every subject except 2 had immediate improvements regarding posture or vertebral and disc abnormalitis following just a single twenty minute treatment using the home neck traction. 7 individuals underwent 30 day MRI follow up, indicating:

A 1 mm widening of the spinal canal in four persons. 1 displayed a resorption of the disc as well as a decrease in pressure on the spinal cord at the 5-6 level.

Improvement of neck curve in 6 individuals. One of these showed excellent improvement of neck curve posture, as well as joint expansion in the front and back during inflation.

Generally, this research indicates protruded or bulging may be pulled in while the vertebral disc expands while in traction as well as supports the idea of lowered disc pressure using expansion plus inflation using the home neck traction.

When the disc expands, protruding/bulging content is pulled in, discs possess a light coloring on MRI indicating greater fluid or hydration levels. Curve forming as well as disc hydration can take place at the same time in the course of home neck traction use.

By making use of this impressive home neck traction device, pain as well as MRI improvements were showed for a majority of those involved, with no unwanted effects documented.

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